‘Quitting is for smokers’. Make a gameplan to achieving your goals
9th January 2015
Being true to my physical health: some questions that need honest answers.
16th January 2015


I acknowledge that my body is made in the image of  God.
I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
I am perfect with all my flaws; whether perceived or real.

From this day, Friday, 16th January 2015, I (insert your name) pledge to nurture, keep and care for my body.

I will endeavor to eat healthy, with a good mix of all the food groups.
I will exercise more, run more, swim more, jog more, gymn more, play more and laugh more.
I will make a conscious effort to choose outfits, accessories and make up  that bring out the best in my body shape, skin tone, personality and day to day work.
I will ensure that I go for body check ups and  will not miss my pap smear, breast exam, etc to the best of my ability.
I will nip diseases at the bud and will sick medical treatment as soon as symptoms present.
I will use the stairs from now henceforth.
I will strive to get the optimal hours of sleep.
I will maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle.
I will keep out toxic elements from my temple.
I will nurture my spirit with positive thoughts and positive people.
There has never and will never be another  human being crafted as I am.
 Until the good Lord draws my last breathe from me, I will give this body the best treatment that I can humanly can.
So help me God.

©Kwambie N., January 2015

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