February 2015

Children are a gift from God

Children are a gift from God. Parents are custodians of God’s creation. The best parent is the one that enables their child(ren) to be the best that God purposed them to be. Create good memories that will sustain them through life.Parenthood is for life and every life stage has its unique needs that a parent ought to fulfill. © Kwambie Nyambane, February, 2015.

I am my parents’ daughter…..our parents deserve the best and then some more.

I am my parents’ daughter and proudly so. I would never exchange my parents for any other parents in the world, however great and famous they may be, however humble they may be. They are my perfect fit. However, after all is said and done, I owe my life to my parents for giving me an awesome childhood. They instilled traits that have served me well to this age in

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She was voted, the ‘most likely to succeed’ in her high school end of year leavers’ party. Apart from coming tops in her class, she took up many leadership roles within the school community. Her energy levels were out of this world. Her zeal for life rubbed on to the rest of her classmates and she was dubbed ‘The Engine’. However, several years down the line, she is a pale

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She was often lauded as the most desirable woman in the village. Twenty years after  her marriage she still caused heads to turn. She was the envy of all the women. The men gave glowing tribute after tribute of her  at the local watering hole. ‘Ratemo must be the luckiest man in Nyakemincha village to have married Moraa the daughter of Momanyi. Hey Ratemo..there would be no grey hair in

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‘Tell me have you ever really – really, really ever loved a woman?’

With eleven days to Valentine’s Day, allow me to indulge the men first who bear the greatest burden of the day, in order to give them ample time for planning. I begin with the lyrics of a famous song  released by one Bryan Adams in 1995 (the awesome year). “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” To really love a woman To understand her – you gotta know her deep

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