May 2015

Meet Stormy Wasiwasi and the causes of stress in her life

Meet Stormy Wasiwasi, this morning she had to navigate through town to the nearest clinic that she could find open. She cannot  take it any more, this is the third panic attack in a span of two days, coupled with her memory loss and sense of loss of control. A glimpse at her friends’ social media status updates and happy photos and it seems that she is the only one undergoing

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Akili ni nywele, kila mtu ana zake – A snapshot on symptoms of stress.

Do I have frequent emotional melt downs?   Am I easily agitated? Is my life spiraling out of control, do I feel like whatever I do or say does not matter anymore? Have I ‘reclused’  to my own cave, avoiding close family and friends? Do I feel inferior to others? Has my self esteem been dented? Am I constantly in worry mode? Has it been a long time since I

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Mr. Maneno Mabaya – where did he go wrong?

Dear Colleagues, YOU ARE HEREBY INVITED FOR A MEETING TO BE HELD AT THE RECEPTION  AT 6 PM, NEXT MONDAY TO DISCUSS MAY TARGETS, LATENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!! For Management, Mr. Maneno Mabaya     And that is the last email that employees of Maneno Mabaya Enterprises received in their inboxes just before they broke for their Labour Day long weekend last Thursday. Mr. Manaeno Mabaya is a hard

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