‘A house is not a home’: Kwambie and The Wapenzis.

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31st October 2015
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16th November 2015

‘A house is not a home’: Kwambie and The Wapenzis.

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Dear Readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’  I was  recently humbled to have a cup of coffee with The Wapenzis. Remember them? They shared with us a while back on the differences between men and women when it comes to sexual relations and the turn around in their once toxic relationship. Well things seem to be growing from strength to strength in their relationship.Together they are renting a house in cosmopolitan Nairobi as they construct their dream house in an undisclosed location in the suburbs of  Nairobi, but that is not the end of their story they were keen on emphasizing the fact that ‘a house is not a home’. Allow me to share my interview with them.
Kwambie:Great to meet up with you guys!! Sifa looking more radiant than ever and it seems like Baraka has lost quite a bit of weight too.
Sifa Wapenzi: Oh Kwambie you are so generous with your compliments, but I have to agree with you that my husband and I have never looked this  great in our lives. Contrary to popular human opinion, like fine wine, we are getting better with age.
Baraka Wapenzi: Yes, honey you are absolutely right. I could be the luckiest man in the planet – with a wife who gets more beautiful with each passing year. To be honest Kwambie after the month on focus on #wearewhatweeat, my wife and I transformed the diet in our home and I am almost one hundred percent sure it is the reason for our glowing looks. Thank you for the compliments.
Kwambie: I am happy to hear about that. Always great to hear of positive behavior change that has transformed lives. Now tell me more about your new home…. It has been doing the rounds in every interior magazine in East Africa, the décor is to die for. I honestly could not believe that such homes exist in this continent!
Sifa Wapenzi: You will be surprised Kwambie. What has taken us aback is that though we do not live in the Riverside Drives and Rundas of Nairobi everyone seems to have fallen in love with our home. With all due respect to all those glossy upmarket area codes, we are humbled that our home is causing the stir in this region, we are more than willing to share our interior design secrets when we reach that bridge.
Kwambie: Thanks Sifa. So tell me. You currently rent one home while you construct your dream house in an undisclosed location?
Baraka Wapenzi: Yes.
Kwambie:Care to share with the readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’  the factors that you put into account when  selecting the locations of your two homes?
Baraka Wapenzi: One  key factor was affordability.Though we have wild dreams of where to live, we had to bear in mind cost. We chose locations that were within our reach. Rather than live a lifestyle that would leave us indebted we chose locations that ensured that our financial health was left intact.
Sifa Wapenzi: Absolutely, baby. We were also torn at the beginning on which town to live in. I currently own an interior design business, and before I forget Kwambie, thank you for the insights on entrepreneurship, I could relate to several of them. But let me not digress. My husband also nabbed a  good job in one of the telcom companies in Nairobi. So it was important that we chose a town that offered us several income generating opportunities.
Kwambie:Tell me about security, was that key too in your choice of home location?
Baraka Wapenzi: Yes, we had to shop around for a location where we could have peace of mind when we lay to sleep at night and that our children could play outside without fear. A place with a strong neighborhood watch.
Sifa Wapenzi: Proximity to schools and other learning facilities was paramount. We did not want our children to spend half of their lives in the commute to and from school. I also took up an evening class to hone my business acumen skills and I needed a location that had easily accessible transport system.
Kwambie: Wow! I could not agree more. What about culture and value system in the neighborhood, was that key for you?
(As the Wapenzis , take a look at each other and nod, both affirm): Yes!!!!
Baraka Wapenzi: We had to have some form of standards in a neighborhood for us to create a home. And though I like my drink every once in a while there was no way our home was going to be on the floor directly adjacent to a bar or brothel!!! God forbid.
(As we all break into  spontaneous laughter)
Sifa Wapenzi: Having been both brought up in the rural area, my husband and I were also keen to live in the city environment, with its fast paced life and several options for leisure and entertainment activities.
Kwambie: Interesting. Having been a ‘city girl’ all my life, I am always calculating on how to make a move to a less frenetic lifestyle perhaps in my sunset years. Being a foodie myself, I am also keen on the variety and choice of food available in a location.
Baraka Wapenzi: Absolutely Kwambie. We cannot reemphasize the fact that we are what we eat.Very important too Kwambie is the availability of healthcarefacilities. They can never be one too many.
Kwambie: I agree.
Kwambie: So there we have it, dear readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’. How the Wapenzis created a home until next week when we shall navigate the different options of whether to buy, construct, rent or  lease a home.
Sifa Wapenzi: Hold on Kwambie, not too fast, we are not yet done!
Kwambie: Oh my, pardon me. I thought we were done.
Baraka Wapenzi:My wife is right. You see Kwambie though the physical location and decor of a house is important, that is not what constitutes a home. We need to make that clear.
Kwambie: Please expound, I do not understand.
Sifa Wapenzi: Physical structures, décor and location constitute a house. What makes a home is the emotional connection we have in the place that we live in. We must have peace and rest when at home and feel free to be ourselves. A home should be able to convey our loves and I dare say likes too otherwise it is an empty shell.
Baraka Wapenzi: It should be able to put into consideration the changing needs of a family and should not remain static!
Kwambie: Thank you for that clarification.
Sifa Wapenzi: Yes, it is very important for the readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ to know the same.
Kwambie: Great! So there we have it our dear readers. The factors we should bear in mind when choosing our home locations and that very important clarification that a ‘house is not a home’.
Have a  lovely weekend, keeping it cozy as we continue  with this November journey in our quest to pimp up our homes.
© Kwambie Nyambane,
November 2015.
Writer’s note:
Thanking God for the gift of another year on this my birthday month. God is faithful through all time..
Sifa and Baraka Wapenzi are a figment of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to any real people whether past or present is a coincidence and is regretted.


Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane
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