January 2016

Setbacks caused by Fear and how to conquer Fear

Sadly , Dr. Fear Not/ Akili Timau was not able to make it to ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio today as agreed to tackle the subject of ‘setbacks in life caused by fear’ and ‘tactics in conquering fear’ but he went the extra mile and prepared for us all short notes that we can use for our reference: Setbacks caused by fear: ü It causes one to live a life of

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“Nothing’s random. Even if it looks that way, it’s just because you don’t know the causes.” Kwambie and Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not on Causes and Symptoms of Fear

Last week Wacha niKwambie Uzima had the opportunity of meeting up with Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not right here within our studios where he gave us an introduction on the month’s focus area; FEAR. This week he keeps his word and will be succinctly sharing with us  the readers on the causes and symptoms of fear. Very important for us to know in order to conquer our fears. Kwambie: Always

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“Anything you want is on the other side of fear”: Kwambie with Dr. Akili Timamu/ Dr. Fear Not

Happy New Year, readers of Wacha niKwambie Uzima! Glad to have made it to the new year, with all its dreams, hopes and aspirations. Today, we are glad to have in our studio Dr. Akili Timamu or Dr. Fear Not  as you wish to call him. He comes all the way from Sydney, Australia where I chanced upon him as we toasted to the new year at the steps of

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