Kwambie throws some questions to her audience on Early Childhood Parenting.

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7th February 2016
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Kwambie throws some questions to her audience on Early Childhood Parenting.

This past week ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focused on Early Childhood Parenting that is the 0-5 years old age range  and it got  myself asking some questions allow me to ask you the same…..
For the little babies…
Are you showing your babies love, attention and affection? Do you hold them? Do you touch them? Do you attend to them when they cry?
Have you ensured that their basic needs of food, shelter and nutrition have been met?
Do you take them for the routine weight checks and immunization required?
Have you ensured that your baby gets lots of sleep and that the atmosphere is calm and serene?
Does your baby have sufficient milk or formula? Have you weaned your baby off with nutritious and balanced foods?
Do you talk to your baby?
When you are away have you ensured that your most prized possession has access to day care or professional care?
Do you stimulate you baby’s mind by reading to him/ her, engaging in stimulating play?
Have you stopped comparing your baby to other babies and taken him/her as a unique being?
For the toddler
… Are  you aware that your baby’s mind is growing at tremendous speed setting the tempo for the rest of your baby’s  life?
Are you aware of the importance of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste  to the the child’s life?
Do you give your toddler ample time for play?
Is there a safe and conducive environment for play?
Do you give words of praise and affirmation to your toddler even for trying something that is difficult? even when your toddler has failed?
Do you talk to your toddler?
Please hear me out……..
Are you aware of the growing imagination of a toddler? Hence sometimes what they say that may seem as lies may just be as a result of an active imagination?
For the preschooler?
Have you noticed growing independence in your little one?
They are rearing to explore the world these preschoolers aren’t they?
It`s questions galore for the preschooler….
Are you reading to your preschooler?
Does your preschooler help around with chores around the home?
It is a world of new friends for the preschooler; through play, through school.
Have you ensured that your preschooler’s diet is balanced and healthy to enable growth and learning?
Are you speaking to your preschooler in grown up and grammatically correct language to build your  preschooler’s vocabulary?
Finally, and most importantly have you prayed for your child today?
Note: Routine childhood checks with a professional paediatrician will pick out delay in milestones, and special needs that your child may have. Early intervention is key for any delays in childhood development or physical malfunction.

Have a great Valentine’s Day with those you hold dear! And thank you very much for following me in my journey of discovery and excellence in being the best that we can be by reading this article.

© Kwambie Nyambane,

Sunday, 14th February 2016.
This article is dedicated to my preschooler son, my most prized possession in the universe, nicknamed ‘The Champ’ on this year’s Valentine’s day.

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