April 2016

Kwambie one on one on ‘Investment’ with Mr. Fedha Mavuno.

It has been a wholesome month of Financial Wellness matters. This rainy cool April morning in Nairobi I am joined by one financial coach and mentor Mr. Fedha Mavuno who will share with us a few tips on investments and how to grow our hard earned money to ensure our financial security. Kwambie: Hello Fedha. I am glad that you have taken the time to share a few tips on

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A few tips on Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication is in three levels: – What a leader says to himself or herself.This is normally dependent on one’s attitude and affects ones self esteem and confidence. – What a leader communicates on a one on one with other people. This is normally private communication. This calls for one to be prompt, direct, respectful and honest. – What a leader communicates to a group in public and is normally

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‘The Commandments of Personal Budgeting’

1. Thou shalt know thy financial goals and set your budget around it. 2.Thou shalt know  thy income.  That is the total amount of money you receive from investments (passive income) or from employment and business (active income). 3. Thou shalt know thy expenditure. Differentiate your needs from wants.Some are regular, some vary from month to month yet others may be one off expenses.Categorize them into things like food, entertainment,

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Leadership hurdles

Inspiring others Developing their teams Guiding change Organizational politics Pressure to succeed Leading former peers Choosing appropriate leadership style Continually improving oneself. Asking for help Disciplining errant team members Balancing expectations between juniors and superiors Making rational judgements Personality weaknesses and flaws Unexpected changes  in the external environment What other Leadership challenges can you think of? © Kwambie Nyambane, March 2016.