My mental health check list

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28th April 2016
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My mental health check list

Am I predisposed to mental illness?
Biological factors
Has a close family member of mine suffered mental illness?
Have I suffered any infections of the brain that may affect my mind?
Have I undergone a  brain examination to detect any brain injury or defects?
Did I undergo any prenatal damage as a  new born baby?
Is my diet balanced? Is it rich in fruits and vegetables?
Am I exposed to any toxins in my environment e.g. lead?
Psychological factors
Did I suffer any childhood trauma? – Whether emotional, physical or sexual?
Did I undergo any early losses in my life that may have affected me e.g. death?
Was I neglected as a child? Did I feel unloved or not valued?
Do I find it difficult to relate with other people?
Environmental factors
Have I suffered death of a dear loved one or divorce?
Do I feel like I have lost control of my life?
Do I have bouts of feeling inadequate, low self esteem, anxiety, anger and loneliness?
Have I recently changed jobs or schools?
Do I feel pressurized to meet society’s expectations and do I feel like I am lagging behind in meeting those expectations?
Do I abuse drugs or alcohol to deal with my pain, fears and anxieties?


What lifestyle changes can I make to boost my mental health?


Is my physical health in its  optimum?
Am I in control of my finances?
Is my diet rich in fruits and vegetables?
Have I made room for exercise  in my life?
Am I proactive in reducing stress levels in my life?
Do I get adequate amount of sleep in a  day that is seven to nine hours of sleep?
Do I enjoy nature – spend time outdoors?
Have I forged strong relationships a support network in troubled times?
Do I maintain a consistent lifestyle or is my life haphazard?
Do I go out of my way to help others? 
Do I smoke?
Do I have access to a mental health expert?
Do I find solutions to my problems or do I instead ignore them altogether?
Am I a workaholic or do I instead live a balanced lifestyle?
Do I keep off drugs and alcohol as a way of coping with my problems?
Do I have a healthy spiritual life?
It was a great week learning more on mental health and illness; a highly stigmatized disease area especially from the continent I hail from. Many attribute mental illness to having bewitched yet many of types of mental illness have a scientifically proven cause, some can be avoided and many can be treated and managed for sufferers to live a normal life.

A toast to many years of a productive mind and many years of good mental health.

It is a wish to a lovely weekend to all the readers of this article.


© Kwambie Nyambane,


Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane
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