February 2017

Leah Kiguatha Muteru On GUARDIANSHIP and FOSTER CARE

Guardianship is a court process by which the court gives you parental rights over a child who is not your biological child but unlike adoption, it is not permanent and the child, the guardian or the biological parent can go back to court to have it terminated failing which it expires when the child turns eighteen. It gives you legal ties to the child but you are no longer responsible

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This week my beloved blog ‘Wacha niKwambie’ focused on a topic dubbed Baby!Baby!Baby! – Focus on adoption, guardianship and foster care laws in Kenya facilitated by advocate Leah Kiguatha Muteru. In her own words: “Adoption is the complete transfer of parental rights from the child’s biological parents to you as the adopter. It is irrevocable and neither you nor the child can legal disengage after the adoption. The child gets

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