April 2017

Family is not necessarily DNA – New Life Children’s Trust Kenya Open Day 2017

I knew I was up to something good when the sound of children’s laughter and merriment were within ear shot from the New Life Home Trust Kenya 2017 Open Day themed #MyAdoptionStory from the parking across the road that had been  availed for the day. Like many who attended the Open Day and had never had the experience of adoption I was eager and keen to learn and soak in

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Kwambie one on one with Mkamzee Mwerevu – Planning for Retirement

Today popular Wellness and Fitness enthusiast  Kwambie is humbled to meet with one Mkamzee Mwerevu in her two bedroomed cottage in a plush suburb of  Nairobi. Mkamzee Mwerevu for many years worked as a teacher in a private school in Nairobi. She is single and has no children. She is now retired or refired as she likes to call this stage in her life and is happily enjoying her senior

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Public Speaking

So you are all set to enhance your Public Speaking skills. Awesome! Great Public Speaking skills can enhance your career and reputation, create opportunities and boost your self confidence. On the other hand poor public speaking skills can close doors of opportunity. Consider the following tips when improving your Public Speaking skills: 1. Plan appropriately Research, research and then research some more on the speech that you plan to give

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