July 2017

Why we Invest

Whether we are investing in stocks, government bonds, business, farming ventures, land, real estate, education, intellectual property, health or our children and several other investment tools there are several reasons why we invest. We invest so that WE DO NOT HAVE TO WORK FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING INCOME for the rest of our lives. We all hope to find ourselves in a position where we are not working to

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Importance of acknowledged certificates for online courses

Furnishing one’s CV with a list of qualifications is essential to getting ahead in many sectors of the economy. This holds true throughout the world, including in Africa. Receiving a verified, acknowledged certificate for an online course makes that course a much more powerful tool in the eyes of employers. Internationally recognised certificates are particularly valuable, because they make it easier to use online courses not just in Africa but

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Begin today with what you have. A penny in the hand today is worth many more in the future. Many a time saving to purchase what you wish to buy in the future may be an exercise in futility, hence the reason to take up competitive loans whose interest rate is lower than the capital gain over time made of the investment one wishes to purchase. Have a financial plan.

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