A Tribute to Jack, My Husband at the Brink of Forty

With seven weeks left to my 40th birthday and as they say, Life About to Begin, as a count down to the same, there are some special people I need to thank Jehovah for as they are the propelling force in my life I will celebrate each of them each week as I count down.

This week I celebrate my husband Jack, as you can see we compliment each other right from our complexion, and that is why I call him my dark chocolate handsome, but what you do not see is our personalities. He is my reality check- cool, calm, lean and collected…to my bubbly, extroverted, chubbilicious and sometimes temperamental self.

Like most couples, we have had our ups and downs truth be told, felt like throwing in the towel once or twice but in a queer way that only lovers know we love each other, and we are willing to work at it time and time again and that is what counts and matters the most. He fulfills me in soo many ways some of which I am not at liberty to put on a face book post. Hint: Glowing manenoz.

Saturday, 24th February 2007 was our special day and truly the happiest day of our lives at the quaint,The Kenya High School chapel and reception on the grounds thereafter, it was a lovely day, for our parents, siblings, extended family, friends and colleagues. A most beautiful wedding I must say that set the tempo for our home. I thank God for this quiet gogetter handsome man of mine and the leading golfer in my life!!! For giving a true sense of Leadership and Ownership and the Love of a Husband and a Father to my little family. My Husband, My Life – Jackson Ongubo may our God keep on increasing you amongst men. I thank God for you and I love you with my whole being up to the birth mark on my right shoulder blade that you are absolutely crazy about. Here is to us Baby, you loved me in my youth and I loved you in yours, here is to the next frontier Baby, To 40 and beyond Baby. To grey hair and beyond Baby but no pot bellies for us I affirm.

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