“My mind is clearer now.” A focus on Decluttering

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13th September 2017
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“My mind is clearer now.” A focus on Decluttering

The following interview takes place at one  Mr. Akili Timamu’s home at  the heart of Eastlands  Nairobi, Donholm or Donnie as it is fondly referred to by its residents. Kwambie is amazed by the level of order and organization in Mr. Akili Timamu’s Home which is a far cry from many homes in Nairobi but apparently it has not always been like this in Mr.  Akili Timamu’s life. Please read on.

Mr. Akili Timamu: Hello, Kwambie. So go good to see you after such a long time, although I have been following your blog www.wachanikwanbie.com avidly this year. Kwambie, looks like you have shed some significant weight since we last met?

Kwambie:  The feeling is mutual Mr. Akili Timamu, allow me to call you Timamu in short?

Mr. Akili Timamu: Absolutely, Kwambie.  Again you seem to have shed some weight, could it  the stress from the General Elections that is eroding you my dear?

Kwambie:  Well off course like most Kenyans I have a level of anxiety regarding the General Elections but pardon me it is not the reason for my weight loss. I have been walking and running religiously a campaign that I have dubbed #Fromflab@40tofab@40 in my life… you do realize, I am turning the big 4.0. in fifty  seven days’ time if the good Lord wills me? But enough of me, why I had absolutely to meet you was to find out how your home became so organized, it truly is a far cry from the last time I was here!

Mr. Akili Timamu:  I was tired of feeling tired all the time. I had begun to feel disorganized and helpless. Truly, finding anything in this house was like finding a  pin in   an exercise in futility. the haystack. I was sliding down a slippery hill I tell you, my life had began feeling out of control. I felt poorer by  the day. So much stuff  was in my home, but so little of which I valued, used or loved.

Kwambie: Tell me about it. I realize that Decluttering is something that someone must do on occasion in ones life. Overflowing wardrobes, broken utensils, non functional  household appliances, computers  with downloads that have since lost their use on ones life, pain and hurt from past relationships, all must go!!

Mr. Akili Timamu: Being a Kenyan, I realize that you forgot one most important thing; PLASTIC BAGS, they need to vacate our lives as soon as possible unless off course you have the Kshs. 4 million fine to pay?

Kwambie: Timamu, I can see that you have not lost your wicked sense of humour. It is always a pleasure catching up with you on occasion.

Mr. Akili Timamu: Yes, some things about me will never change. But clutter was something that I had to let go off my life, that and my old name Mr. Akili Wasiwasi. Clutter is something that you do not want in your life; be it physical or mental clutter. Sadly, what many people  do not realize is that clutter is a poor man’s mentality, hoarding stuff that  one does not need. Clutter diminishes ones well being and leads to poor mental health.

Kwambie: Wow! Amazing!! Could you share with us what you did to Declutter your life?

Mr. Akili Timamu: Allow me to begin with physical decluttering and then go on to emotional decluttering.

Kwambie: Sure Timamu.

Mr. Akili Timamu: First Kwambie one needs to appreciate that decluttering is an ongoing process in ones life and is not a one off event, hence one can never say that they are done with decluttering.

I systematically went through all the rooms in my house; if anything was not of value to me, I did not love it, was damaged or was not functional,  out it went to the recycle bin.

Consider the kitchen anything that was broken or taking up unnecessary  space was gotten rid of.

My closet was bulging with clothes that had not been worn for ages, some that did not fit anymore and some clothes that I kept for special occasions that never arrived. Sincerely speaking if an item had not been worn for a period of six months to one  year. I was left with clothes and shoes that I wore. I then systematically organized e.g. all my  official shirts were  hanged, all my Tshirts and shorts  neatly folded, my shoes put neatly in a  rack and so forth and so on.

I then moved on to the bathroom, ensuring that it was clutter free and now a place  for rest and relaxation.

I  then realized that my car had become a storage space on wheels, I removed all  junk and only remained with the necessary items as required by  Kenyan law; a  torch, working spare tire, jump start cables,a  first aid  box and a fire extinguisher. I then kept a tool kit and blanket for extra measure. I am not going to let anything come to chance when I am on the road.

Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane is a Sales Force Effectiveness Manager in a leading bank in Kenya 'by day', a passionate inspirational blogger 'by night'; and a wellness enthusiast championing healthy lifestyle choices. The founder and lead writer of this blog is a Bsc. Food Science and Post -Harvest Technology graduate of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya, holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Nairobi and is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Nairobi. Kwambie is a member of Bloggers Association of Kenya. She believes in taking life with a big spoon, seeing the cup always as half full, and enjoying the scenery in this journey called life. Kwambie is daughter to Lilly Moraa and James Nyambane, mother to one beloved son nicknamed "The Champ"; sister to Marci and beloved auntie to the A & Z girls. She and her family make Nairobi City, Kenya their home. This blog is dedicated to her parents Moraa and Nyambane for their awesome inspiration in her formative years, for being her pillar of strength through life, her siblings Marci and Joash, and to her son "The Champ" and her nieces who represent the generation that came after her. May the nuggets contained in this blog serve many generations, the world over to come.

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