October 2017

The state of Medical Education in Africa

Medical education in Africa has significantly evolved over the years. From the time when there were only 5 medical schools in the region, to the expansion era after African countries achieved independence and now when the medical education structure is making efforts in providing mhealth programmes for students. Online courses have great potential of improving healthcare in Sub-Sahara Africa. However, the medical education department has had to face challenges including

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A tribute to mummy and daddy at the brink of forty

“Jeez I miss my Dad, time to give Tata a phone call.” The only problem is when two sanguines have a phone call prepare for long conversations on the loud side of life and with expressive conversation. There are times we can laugh for a full minute before going on with the story, hehehehe Daddy. This phone call calls for ample time and a secluded spot where I will not

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This past week my beloved Wellness and Inspiration blog, “ Wacha niKwambie” focussed on dressing according to body shape for ladies. Beginning a month of focus in the blog dubbed,  October 2017 – My body, my dress, my choice – a focus on dressing according to body shape  and mandatory physical wellness checks for ladies and gents. However, one thing worth noting is that each of us must love our

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