January 2018

“..So what is your role all about?” by William Avedi

At the center of all businesses, and I mean ALL, are people. Whether in their capacity as consumers, employees, suppliers or other stakeholders, people and the ways you engage, serve and empower them are key to the growth of all businesses. My “Mama Mboga” would totally disagree with me on that. She has always made it clear to me how less of an impact I would be to her business

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How to skyrocket your skills contributed by Jens Ischebeck

Education, it has been said, is the key to success. One easy to access education tool are online courses. Online courses are available for nearly every topic. In a similar fashion, there is no doubt that knowledge is power. Indeed, education is a sure way for individuals to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations. At the same time, it is one of the critical ways through which countries can individually

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