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How best to help someone who is grieving

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30th September 2018
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6th October 2018

Many a time we do not know what type of support or comfort to give a family or friend who is grieving. The best support to give someone is as follows:

  • Acknowledge the situation.
  • Express your love and concern for the person who is grieving.
  • Offer your support e.g. chores and roles.
  • Ask the bereaved person how they feel and listen to them.
  • Be there.
  • Listen some more.
  • Give reassurance and hope without minimising the loss.
  • Offer to help with errands.
  • Avoid telling the person to be strong.
  • Continue to offer the support after the first shock.
  • Check with the person on anniversaries e.g. death, marriage, birthdays of the deceased.

“Wacha niKwambie”

September 2018 – Life must go on

Coping with loss and grief – emotional and spiritual wellness

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts contained in this article are obtained from research. The writer is not a mental health specialist but is curious to learn on how to deal with personal loss and grief. The series “Life must go on” is a spiritual and emotional wellness journey in this month of September 2018 by the lead writer and a guest contributor to the blog. For professional help in coping with loss and grief please seek the help of an accredited and duly registered mental health specialist or counsellor.

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