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41 Things that we can all be thankful for: Wacha niKwambie blog gratitude list

I am comfortable in my own skin
31st October 2018
Threats to our environment today
10th November 2018
  1. The gift of life.
  2. Family.
  3. Friends.
  4. The peace that reigns in my country.
  5. Peace of mind. Very important.
  6. Nosy neighbours. It means that I have a place to call home.
  7. Freedom.
  8. Food to eat.
  9. A source of income, no matter how humble.
  10. My favourite musician. What is life without some lovely songs to keep one going?
  11. The internet. So much information to grow one if you just but sieve it.
  12. My faith.
  13. The sound of children’s laughter.
  14. The flowers that are in bloom. Thank you “jacaranda propaganda”.
  15. Beautiful weather.
  16. Clean drinking water.
  17. Electricity.
  18. Acing that interview that will open opportunities in life.
  19. Passing an exam. Best wishes to KCPE and KCSE candidates class of 2018.
  20. My children are growing.
  21. Clothes to wear.
  22. I can read.
  23. I can write.
  24. A beautiful mind to process information and generate ideas.
  25. Mistakes made, because I have learned from them and I am better today than I was yesterday.
  26. Emotions experienced. They are the kaleidoscope of life: Falling in love, grief of loved ones lost, feeling the pain, surprise and joy. Emotions colour ones life different hues and shades.
  27. My hairdresser. My barber.
  28. My favourite TV show. (Thank you very much Fashion one. Fashion TV.)
  29. The air that I breathe, freely given.
  30. A beautiful scenery.
  31. My body. Thinking of the many things you have done for me.
  32. Medical professionals, who bring back my body together again.
  33. My teachers and mentors in life. Bless.
  34. The world is changing every day. More opportunities that embrace diversity. Kudos USA 2018 elections.
  35. My favorite, “mama mboga”, “mama samaki” neighbourhood grocery store. Mama Adhiambo Kenyatta market I see you.
  36. My favorite perfume.
  37. My boo’s scent.
  38. Happy memories of loved ones who have passed on.
  39. A beautiful sunset.
  40. My favourite book.
  41. My Smile.


Can you think of anything else that we can add to our Gratitude list today?

Have a thankful day!

© Kwambe Nyambane,

November 2018

Post script
Dear God, thank you for 41 years in the planet. To you be the glory forever and ever. I look forward to the adventure ahead. You and I make an unbeatable team, Kwambie Nyambane.


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