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How we can all give back

Why we should all give back
14th January 2019
How to cope with change and transition
7th February 2019

This past week has been a harrowing week in my country Kenya as we were the victims of a terrorist attack in a popular upmarket hotel and office suite in our capital city Nairobi.What touched us all was the swift response by our security forces in their line of duty but over and above that was the common man and woman who responded in their special way to try and rescue the victims of this atrocious crime and allay their fear. The volunteers came in all ages, nationalities, colour and sizes, religious affiliations putting all divisions aside, serving snacks and food to the rescue teams and victims, queueing in different hospitals to donate blood introducing us to the topic of the day; how we can all Give Back.

The concept of Giving Back to ones community begins with one asking oneself this question.
“Am I a good neighbour?” In my homeland Kenya we have the “nyumba kumi initiative”, an initiative that advocates for us to know our neighbours well or in the bare minimum be acquainted with them and is one way of Giving Back Other ways of being a good neighbour include participating in neighbourhood clean ups, chipping in neighbourhood security and watches. Making one neighbourhood a little peace
of heaven here on earth if one can. Before one goes to the big, big world out there one should
bear in mind that charity begins at home.

There are several other ways in which we can Give Back

  • Partner with organizations in your community that Give Back.
  • Mobilize fund raising initiatives for worthy causes.
  • Offer your skills and expertise to local businesses, schools and societies.
  • Declutter your home and donate gently used items to needy people.
  • Offer tuition or coaching services to children in ones neighbourhood.
  • Spend time with lonely and elderly people. Carry out simple errands for them like
    cooking, shopping, cleaning for them.
  • Participate in green initiatives e.g. planting trees.
  • Rally people in your community in fitness initiatives e.g. running and taking morning
    walks together.
  • Donate your blood to a blood bank.
  • Sponsor or participate in an event that builds people in your community.
  • Pay it forward e.g. if you are a driver pay the parking bill for the next driver leaving
    the car parking after you

Are there other ways in which one can Give Back to their community that we may have
missed out on? Wishing you all our esteemed readers an awesome weekend Giving Back during your free

“Giving Back: I will be my brother’s and sister’s keeper”

© Kwambie Nyambane,
January 2019t

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