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What is that one constant in your life?

Lessons I learned from my Mother
13th March 2019
Lessons I learned from my mother
30th March 2019

People will come into your life as others leave.
Others that you trusted will disappoint you.
Jobs will come and go.
Your health or your loved one’s health may fail you.
What you hold the dearest may be suddenly taken away from you.
What will be your anchor in life?
What is your constant?
What is that one thing that you will hold on to that will keep you going through the ups and downs in life?
For my beloved mother, it is her faith in God and her unshakeable love for family.
What is yours? What is mine?


‘Wacha niKwambie’

March 2019 – What I learned from my mother

Giving Back: I will be my brother’s and sister’s keeper. Paying it forward.

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