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Dating at forty : Challenges women face

Emotional and Physchological changes in women at 40
24th April 2019
Finances in the Forties
6th May 2019
  1. Serious men who are after a long term relationship and not just a casual fling are hard to come by.
    Men should look at the total package that a woman brings to the table if he wants a long term relationship with her.
  2.  The men who fit the “correct age profile” are either married, prefer younger women or still have hang ups over their exes and failed relationships.
    Women in their forties should be open minded to date men who may not fit the “correct age profile”. Men should not keep on referring or comparing their exes to their current beaus.
  3. Insecurity about their bodies.
    Most men are not dating super models. A healthy lifestyle and accentuating your physical attributes and body confidence make one a truly attractive woman. Kila mtu ana wake (Trans. Everyone has someone who finds them physically attractive).
  4. Long list of requirements for an ideal mate that are impossible to meet by one man alone.
    Women in their forties should be more accommodating of potential boyfriends or husbands. Just like in life, some of the best gifts that we treasure are not the best packaged or have all that we desire.
  5. Feel that they live in the wrong geographical location.
    SGR, road trips, plane rides, online dating, join a class or gymn.Duh?
  6. Some women think they have too much baggage e.g. children.
    Someone who truly loves you, will love what is yours too. Period.

All these challenges can be overcome as long as women and men have a positive attitude towards dating women in their forties.

In my country Kenya, we recently were excited to hear of the nuptials of an alpha female divorced governor, mother of sons from her previous relationship, in her forties too who has found love a second time round. Nothing is impossible. True love and falling in love has no age cap limits. So you all 40+ year old women seeking love keep on keeping on. Keep on building and loving yourself as a partner does not come to complete you but to compliment your life.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Weekend, keep it here your favourite wellness and lifestyle blog in Kenya!

“Wacha niKwambie”
April 2019- Things I should have known when I tuned 40
© Kwambie Nyambane,
April 2019


  1. Mbijiwe says:

    Beautiful piece gal. I am in that place. Am doing me in terms of developing myself…kudos for the reminder gal

  2. Absolutely Mbijiwe, we forty year old plus women have a lot to bring to the table. But first we must begin by completing ourselves and thereafter complimenting the lover that comes to our lives. Never forget that! All the best.

  3. Nancie Waruguru says:

    Really nice piece and of course I found myself chuckling here and there. ☺

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