Why sex after 40 is the best sex yet

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1st July 2019
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11th July 2019

New month new focus area. Absolutely excited about this month of July. It ushers us to the second half of the year and what better way to do it than to move on swiftly to a new focus area that will rejuvenate us for the rest of the year. Every year, at about this time of the year, the blog endeavours to electrify bedroom matters in a month that is dubbed, “Operation pepesha moto”. This year is no different. This year’s theme being, “I ain’t too old for some good lovin’” a focus on sexual wellness for the older adult. It is going to be a fun ride and an informative ride. Keep it here in this blog!

Despite the physical changes that point towards the onset of aging, a sex life after turning 40 can be the best one yet: Here are some reasons:
1. You are finally confident with yourself, come into acceptance with your body warts and all.
2. You know what you want sexually and can assert it in the bedroom.
3. The middle age hormones surge increases ones libido.
4. The heart wants what the heart wants and with zero chills for this reason people are more open to relationships with age differences that were shunned in younger years e.g. the older man with the younger woman, the older woman with the younger man.
5.It isn’t about performance and proving your youth or how much you are a stud in bed but about mutual satisfaction with ones partner.
6. People’s communication skills become better with age. An open and communicative relationship sets a basis for a healthy sex life.

From my readings this past week I discovered that older men and women who reported any type of sexual activity in the previous twelve months had a higher life enjoyment score than those who were not sexually active.

For older women, a greater frequency of kissing, petting, and fondling was associated with a higher enjoyment of life, as was feeling emotionally close to their partner during sex.

However, there was not a significant association with sexual intercourse and enjoyment of life amongst older women. Amongst older men, however, satisfaction with their sex life and frequency of sexual intercourse was associated with greater enjoyment of life. The results from the study indicate
that sexual intercourse may be more important for older men than women in terms of promoting wellbeing, with women’s enjoyment more closely linked to other sexual activities.

Frequent sexual intercourse is associated with a range of benefits for psychological and physiological wellbeing, such as improved quality of life and mental health, and lower risk of certain cancers and fatal coronary events.

“Health professionals should acknowledge that older adults are not asexual and that a frequent and problem-free sex life in this population is related to better wellbeing. However, encouragement to try new positions and explore different types of sexual activities is not regularly given to ageing populations.”

“Wacha niKwambie”
July 2019 – Operation Pepesha moto
‘I ain’t too old for some good lovin’
Focus on sexual wellness

Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane is a Sales Force Effectiveness Manager in a leading bank in Kenya 'by day', a passionate inspirational blogger 'by night'; and a wellness enthusiast championing healthy lifestyle choices. The founder and lead writer of this blog is a Bsc. Food Science and Post -Harvest Technology graduate of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya, holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Nairobi and is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Nairobi. Kwambie is a member of Bloggers Association of Kenya. She believes in taking life with a big spoon, seeing the cup always as half full, and enjoying the scenery in this journey called life. Kwambie is daughter to Lilly Moraa and James Nyambane, mother to one beloved son nicknamed "The Champ"; sister to Marci and beloved auntie to the A & Z girls. She and her family make Nairobi City, Kenya their home. This blog is dedicated to her parents Moraa and Nyambane for their awesome inspiration in her formative years, for being her pillar of strength through life, her siblings Marci and Joash, and to her son "The Champ" and her nieces who represent the generation that came after her. May the nuggets contained in this blog serve many generations, the world over to come.

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