Of re(new)ed parenthood – of happiness in pregnancy

Of re(new)ed parenthood – pregnancy journey – check points
11th March 2021
To re(newed) parenthood – care of the newborn
25th March 2021

These are certain factors that will greatly affect your happiness state as a couple or as a single mother to be on a positive pregnancy test result.

  1. Was the pregnancy intended or not?
  2. Is the relationship between the parents committed or not?
  3. Financial status.
  4. The age of the parents to be.
  5. The parents’ mental and physical mental status.

Many a times the choice to be happy is not pegged on the circumstances but how one reacts to circumstances. Indeed no-one comes to this world with a choice of what circumstances to be conceived in, but most of us are grateful for the gift of life each day irrespective of our current circumstances.

So to new parents to be who may find themselves in an awkward situation where a pregnancy is not wanted or planned for think twice. I have seen many situations around in My Life and this is what I know for sure, sometimes the best gifts in life come to us in what may seem the worst tinning or circumstances but as Sauti Sol sung, “Mungu akileta mtoto saa ni yake!”in matters of life and death, it is all in the Almighty’s timimg.

If an expectant mother finds herself in a situation where she feels alone with no emotional support from the partner, family and friends, and yet has decided to keep her unborn child, there are organizations such as Crisis Pregnancy Ministries in Kenya that can help. Also consider several online communities eg www.babycentre.com where one can get support and insights from other women who have a similar due date and thus
one go through the different milestones of pregnancy together, hand holding and getting encouragement from other mothers to be.

After the acceptance of a pregnancy, other things that an expectant couple or single mother can do to enjoy their pregnancy journey include:

  1. Begin organising family finances to accommodate the arrival of a new baby.
  2. Begin making plans of where you hope for the baby to be born.
  3. Begin preparing their home items to accommodate the arrival of a new baby.
  4. Check online pregnancy and new born resource centres.
  5. Connect with other expectant parents.
  6. Go for Lamaze classes and prenatal massages.
  7. Consider taking parenting classes.
  8. Exercise.
  9. Get sufficient sleep.
  10. Eat healthy.
  11. Listen to soothing music preferably with audio settings where your unborn baby can enjoy too. Classical music especially has been lauded to aid the baby’s brain development.
  12. Explore comfortable, yet professional, or stylish outfits and shoes to accommodate the growing bump. And off course one or two sexy outfits during this moment in time never hurt a woman’s self esteem.
  13. Maintaining good personal hygiene and grooming.
  14. Begin keeping pregnancy mementos e.g. ultrasound scans, pregnancy bump photo shoots to remind you of this journey.
  15. Have fun considering names that you would like to give your child. You will be surprised at how sometimes family members feel they have a stake in the name of the child. Ultimately the decision of the name of the baby is of the parents.
  16. Just be thankful for the gift of a child and have positive vibes about the pregnancy.

This little human is your mark in the footprints of the sands of time.

Can you think of other things that can add to one enjoying a pregnancy?
This brings to an end the focus on Pregnancy in this focus area dubbed ‘To New Beginnings – re(New)ed parenthood

‘Wacha niKwambie’
March 2021 –To New Beginnings To re(New)ed Parenthood
© Kwambie Nyambane, March 2021

Kwambie Nyambane
Kwambie Nyambane
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