Kwambie Nyambane

17th October 2019

What makes us beautiful – on the physical beauty of a woman

A lot has been said and written about the beauty of a woman. Indeed it is said that a few wars have been fought on account of the physical beauty […]
7th October 2019

What Makes us Beautiful?

Absolutely delighted to turn in another year, to celebrate another birthday in about a month’s time. As a countdown to my birthday this year, I am taking some time to […]
25th September 2019

Wining and dining: What to consider

As the holiday season draws nigh, many of us look forward to sampling some of the restaurants around that offer delightful African Cuisine in days to come. So what are […]
18th September 2019

Strengthening the adult sibling bond

Focus on the positive traits of your sibling. Everyone no matter how bad they may seem to you has something good about them. How much more your sibling. Meet your […]
10th September 2019

Why it’s so awesome having a sibling

We have our parents, children, friends and sometimes even colleagues whose presence we frequently appreciate in our lives. Yet still there is a group of people that we frequently take […]
3rd September 2019

How to remain inspired and motivated as an entrepreneur

The greatest motivation comes from inside. Self motivation that is. If you seek motivation from other people, your business partners, your employees, your clients, circumstances, if they fail you you […]
3rd September 2019

What makes a vacation memorable?

“Company, be it self, special one, kids or crew. For me the experience is who I am sharing it with more than the place per se.” Andrew Amadi “Three things […]
26th August 2019

My Name is Toni by Waithira Francis: A book review

My name is Toni is a novel about a young Kenyan girl who travels to Toulouse, France, to pursue her studies. It is the journey of her struggles as she […]
24th August 2019

Work hard, rest hard: Vacation Ideas

Considering going on vacation? There is an array of vacation types that you can choose from and choose what is best for you. The most basic type of vacation is […]