Kwambie Nyambane

19th December 2020

Dash Foods indigenous Kenyan Flours – a product review

Buy Made in Kenya, Grow KenyaWe were blessed to sample and review four different types of indigenous Kenyan flours that are locally manufactured by a company known as Dash Crop […]
14th December 2020

Joesli Muesli – A product review

Every once in a while the blog is blessed to do a product review of a locally manufactured product made in Kenya in an initiative known as Buy Made […]
30th November 2020

On home makeover of the heart

What truly truly makes a home a place of comfort, peace and love that goes beyond décor and design hacks that we have discussed these past few weeks? It entails […]
21st November 2020

Because Home is a Feeling – on Home Makeovers on a Budget

The reality on the ground is that these corona times have made many of us tighten our budgets and a high end home make over may not be a top […]
6th November 2020

Because Home is a Feeling -Why do a home makeover?

Every November since I began blog, we focus on Homes as we turn to the last lap of the year. Home is very close to everyone’s heart as that […]
5th November 2020

On Having a Social Life Abroad

May be you are a foreigner in the country that you are presently are at or may be one day you will find yourself relocating to a foreign country -how […]
4th November 2020

43 People/Things That I’m thankful for today

Life. My immense faith in God. Jehovah, I am nothing without You. My angel parents. Mummy and Daddy watch over me. Every. Single. Day. My son, The Champ, mhandsome kajunior. […]
25th October 2020

On Intercultural romance

Someone once told me that you do not choose whom you fall in love, that it just happens. I could not agree more. This special person could be from a […]
20th October 2020

Learning, Working and doing business in a foreign country

Happy New Week everybody. This week we continue with our musings in the month long October 2020 dubbed, “I am a citizen of the world.”- living, loving and working in […]