Kwambie Nyambane

23rd March 2015

Time to make your dream come true….musings from an entrepreneur.

Perhaps you have been dreaming of more free time, added income or just something more interesting than your job and you think that starting your own business is the way […]
13th March 2015

Setting financial goals and avoiding stumbling blocks – towards better financial health

Hope everyone had a lovely week. I truly did. Are we all keeping tab of our income and expenses this month? Great!!!!! Next thing we need to think about is […]
6th March 2015

Are you financially secure.. some hard questions we need to ask ourselves?

Is their too much of month left at the end of your money? Are you a spendthrift or a hoarder? Is money your best friend or sworn enemy? How does […]
2nd March 2015

We share a common history…my sister, my brother

We share the same heritage….my sister, my brother..   Shared the same house, school, and the warmth of our parents…my sister, my brother.   I saved you  from the bully […]
20th February 2015

Children are a gift from God

Children are a gift from God. Parents are custodians of God’s creation. The best parent is the one that enables their child(ren) to be the best that God purposed them […]
19th February 2015

I am my parents’ daughter. Our parents deserve the best and then some

I am my parents’ daughter and proudly so. I would never exchange my parents for any other parents in the world, however great and famous they may be, however humble […]
14th February 2015

Are you your own Valentine?

She was voted, the ‘most likely to succeed’ in her high school end of year leavers’ party. Apart from coming tops in her class, she took up many leadership roles […]
6th February 2015

Love brewed in an African pot

She was often lauded as the most desirable woman in the village. Twenty years after her marriage she still caused heads to turn. She was the envy of all the […]
4th February 2015

‘Tell me have you ever really – really, really ever loved a woman?’

With eleven days to Valentine’s Day, allow me to indulge the men first who bear the greatest burden of the day, in order to give them ample time for planning. […]