Kwambie Nyambane

16th December 2019

High School, Here I come – Preparing for High School

“During your first few weeks of high school you should be prepared to feel a little bit out of place until you get the hang of things. You may feel […]
20th November 2019

Homes and Gardens – The benefits of gardening

Every month of November like we have always done in blog, Kenya we close the year by a focus on “Homes”. This year we focus on Gardens hence “Homes […]
4th November 2019

What makes us beautiful – My Beauty Check list

Am I Taking care of my physical wellness? Taking care of my grooming and dressing? Kind? Loving and empathetic? Purpose driven and motivated? Mature? Emotionally stable? Courageous? Energetic? Humble? Curious? […]
31st October 2019

What makes us Beautiful – On Men & inner Beauty

From my research the pressure for men to be physically attractive is not as intense as women and what we find most appealing in men is their innate characteristics that […]
22nd October 2019

On the beauty of a Woman – Inner Beauty

A truly beautiful woman is beautiful from within to without. Some of the qualities that truly beautiful women espouse over and above physical traits are; Self confidence. Women do not […]
22nd October 2019

If I knew then what I know now

17th October 2019

What makes us beautiful – on the physical beauty of a woman

A lot has been said and written about the beauty of a woman. Indeed it is said that a few wars have been fought on account of the physical beauty […]
7th October 2019

What Makes us Beautiful?

Absolutely delighted to turn in another year, to celebrate another birthday in about a month’s time. As a countdown to my birthday this year, I am taking some time to […]
25th September 2019

Wining and dining: What to consider

As the holiday season draws nigh, many of us look forward to sampling some of the restaurants around that offer delightful African Cuisine in days to come. So what are […]