Family & Relationships

13th June 2015

‘Meet Rehema Mfanyikazi and why she had to quit’

  Kwambie:Hello readers. Today we are joined by Rehema Mfanyikazi, a Kenyan of mixed heritage whose story about her tribulations in Huzuni Enterprises caused shockwaves in our country five years […]
9th June 2015

‘If only they would take responsibility for their workplace relationships,’

                                     He was the epitome of arrogance, despite his  diminutive stature. Whenever he […]
2nd March 2015

We share a common history…my sister, my brother

We share the same heritage….my sister, my brother..   Shared the same house, school, and the warmth of our parents…my sister, my brother.   I saved you  from the bully […]
20th February 2015

Children are a gift from God

Children are a gift from God. Parents are custodians of God’s creation. The best parent is the one that enables their child(ren) to be the best that God purposed them […]
19th February 2015

I am my parents’ daughter. Our parents deserve the best and then some

I am my parents’ daughter and proudly so. I would never exchange my parents for any other parents in the world, however great and famous they may be, however humble […]