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24th January 2020

Wacha niKwambie on Signs of Low Self Esteem

Ladies are you scared of leaving the house ever without make up, without pimping your face? Say you need to go to the kiosk to buy bread and you must […]
16th January 2020

Wacha niKwambie on Causes of Low Self Esteem

Happy New Year to you our esteemed reader! This year we have unveiled a new theme in the blog dabbed; “Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.” The […]
16th December 2019

High School, Here I come – Preparing for High School

“During your first few weeks of high school you should be prepared to feel a little bit out of place until you get the hang of things. You may feel […]
22nd October 2019

If I knew then what I know now

18th September 2019

Strengthening the adult sibling bond

Focus on the positive traits of your sibling. Everyone no matter how bad they may seem to you has something good about them. How much more your sibling. Meet your […]
10th September 2019

Why it’s so awesome having a sibling

We have our parents, children, friends and sometimes even colleagues whose presence we frequently appreciate in our lives. Yet still there is a group of people that we frequently take […]
3rd September 2019

What makes a vacation memorable?

“Company, be it self, special one, kids or crew. For me the experience is who I am sharing it with more than the place per se.” Andrew Amadi “Three things […]
13th August 2019

Why we need to go on vacation from time to time

Vacations are an important aspect of human wellness, this past week I was musing on different reasons why people need to go on vacation; Stress and burn out. Investing in […]
8th August 2019

I ain’t too old for some good lovin’ – Some tips for a healthy sex life after turning 40

AFFIRMATION If you are in a relationship with an older adult and you find them haaaawt, reassure them that they are still attractive. If they have made an effort to […]