Family & Relationships

13th March 2019

Lessons I learned from my Mother

We hope that March 2019 is going on well for all our readers from us at Wacha niKwambie blog, Kenya. This month I am musing on, “Lessons I learned from […]
25th February 2019

Keeping that Valentine feeling aglow

Long, after Valentine’s Day gone that that love remains strong… that is they type of romance most of us aspire for. What can couples do to stay connected, in love, […]
14th February 2019

Interview with Winfred Buya Mukonzo of The Empower HER Initiative

This year, the ‘Wacha niKwambie’ blog embarked on a yearlong theme dubbed, ‘Giving Back: I will be my brother’s and sister’s keeper’ a clarion call to all the readers of […]
7th February 2019

How to cope with change and transition

I write this at the end of another day. After the end of another day of family, work, career and the so many things that I have to juggle on […]
7th January 2019

It is time to Give Back

Why choose, “Giving Back: I will be my brother’s and sister’s keeper” as a theme for the ‘Wacha niKwambie’ blog this year? Partly propelled by the lead writer’s happenings in […]
19th December 2018

Grief Therapy CITAM Valley Road – Short Notes

Sunday, 16th December 2018  As a family pray together Make random visits to each other Get a project that takes you back home, where your loved ones rest Your foundation […]
5th October 2018

How best to help someone who is grieving

Many a time we do not know what type of support or comfort to give a family or friend who is grieving. The best support to give someone is as […]
30th September 2018

Thirty six awesome things I will miss about Joash: A tribute to my brother

His love and honour for my parents. His love for a diverse group of people. My brother never discriminated on anyone. For youth and vibrance in our home. His swag […]
26th September 2018

Complicated or incomplete grief

With loss comes grief. Incomplete grief arises when  it is stalled or side tracked. Signs of incomplete grief include; Irritability or anger. Continued obsessing or musing over the deceased person. […]