Family & Relationships

22nd April 2020

Spiritual nuggets in the time of corona Covid-19 virus pandemic : Coping with adversity

This topic is very close to my heart, having undergone tough personal times in the recent past. No matter what tough times you may be undergoing, there is a purpose […]
28th March 2020
Triza Akuka and Liz Nyambane at the Leadership Circle Conference, 27th January 2020, Sankara Hotel, Nairobi

The Leadership Circle – Seminar, Mon 27 Jan 2020, The Sankara Hotel, Nairobi

I was blessed to attend a Leadership Seminar way back in January this year. My friend, Triza Akuka a leadership coach invited me under the auspices of the Leadership Circle. […]
24th March 2020

My Heart Beats : Emotional Pain, how it manifests

Hey Reader, I know you have been waiting for this moment when we discuss on matters of emotional pain and healing. I will discuss this topic on three focus areas: […]
24th March 2020

My heart beats – Why we need to take emotional pain seriously

Hey reader, Today our focus is on why we need to take emotional pain as seriously as we do physical pain? If your face is bruised and bleeds even a […]
17th March 2020

My heart beats – On bringing back the glamour to parenting

The first thing to bringing back the joy in parenting is to meet your own emotional needs as a parent. You can only give what you have. Take the time […]
17th March 2020

My heart beats – on bringing back the glamour in parenthood of different age groups

MY BABY Having a baby will change your life and routine as a parent. The faster you come into acceptance with that matter the more you will begin to enjoy […]
4th March 2020

Loving me, loving you on single parenting – challenges and solutions

Single parent families are becoming more and more common due to factors like death, divorce, separation and abandonment by a partner. This presents certain challenges to single parents as all […]
29th February 2020

Online dating for the singleton

Online Dating (also known as Internet dating) is a way for people to find and contact each other through the Internet to arrange a date, usually with the goal of […]
25th February 2020

Loving me, loving you: Living life to the fullest as a single person

The greatest challenge as a single person is also the greatest treasure depending on how you look at it. Feeling alone or is it lonely, having so much time, resources […]