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A detox to the workplace: The case of Uzima Enterprises, Nairobi

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with some  employees of Uzima Enterprises in Nairobi as they shared to me how they were able to detox their workplace over five years ago. You might know that Uzima Enterprises have for three consecutive years been voted, ‘ the best fictitious company to work for in  Kenya’, an accolade that the members of staff conveyed to me yesterday

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One last word on toxic family relationships!

The feeling that parents are predisposed to unconditionally  love and protect their children is not entirely true. A toxic parent is one whose behavior to a great extent inflicts emotional damage which contaminates the child’s sense of self worth, leading to low sense of self esteem and poor self image. Toxic parents are usually as a result of poor parenting themselves. They are controlling, abusive (physically, emotionally and verbally), issue

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‘True Love does not hurt all the time – on toxic romantic relationships’ a moment with The Wapenzis

This Sunday afternoon, Kwambie meets The Wapenzis  at a popular food joint in Nairobi, the  Nairobi Java  House in one of the upcoming shopping malls for a one on one on one of their darkest periods in their relationship  and how they rose through the ashes to salvage an otherwise toxic relationship.   Kwambie:Hello,  I cannot believe that it has been almost two months since we last met? Sifa Wapenzi:Yes

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‘Friends are precious, they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have’

‘Friends are precious , they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have.’ One of the greatest treasures in this world, is the gift of true friendship, people who genuinely care for you and have your best interests at heart. No man or woman is an island, otherwise we each would have been put in our own little universes, to thrive in free from any other person.

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‘Meet Rehema Mfanyikazi and why she had to quit’

  Kwambie:Hello readers. Today we are joined by Rehema Mfanyikazi, a Kenyan of mixed heritage whose story about her tribulations in Huzuni Enterprises caused shockwaves in our country five years ago. Her treatment and harassment at her former employer, her subsequent resignation and how like a phoenix she rose above the ashes to be the current Head of African Markets at  World Riziki Enterprises one of the Top 50 corporates

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‘If only they would take responsibility for their workplace relationships,’

                                     He was the epitome of arrogance, despite his  diminutive stature. Whenever he made his entrance to the  office, his colleagues would scurry like rats after having sighted the proverbial cat. The once joyous office would degenerate into a graveyard of sorts with pin drop silence. This was the Finance Department of Huzuni

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We share a common history…my sister, my brother

We share the same heritage….my sister, my brother..   Shared the same house, school, and the warmth of our parents…my sister, my brother.   I saved you  from the bully in the playground  those many years ago and you me  the fury of the landlady for those three months that I could not pay the rent.   We spent hours into the night sharing our childhood dreams and aspirations in

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Children are a gift from God

Children are a gift from God. Parents are custodians of God’s creation. The best parent is the one that enables their child(ren) to be the best that God purposed them to be. Create good memories that will sustain them through life.Parenthood is for life and every life stage has its unique needs that a parent ought to fulfill. © Kwambie Nyambane, February, 2015.

I am my parents’ daughter…..our parents deserve the best and then some more.

I am my parents’ daughter and proudly so. I would never exchange my parents for any other parents in the world, however great and famous they may be, however humble they may be. They are my perfect fit. However, after all is said and done, I owe my life to my parents for giving me an awesome childhood. They instilled traits that have served me well to this age in

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