Family & Relationships

27th February 2016

Children are a gift from God – Parenting Teenagers

Kwambie:Great to catch up with you in Embu County Dr. Toto and looking forward to your shared insights as a  renown paediatrician and parenting expert  in our great Republic; Kenya. […]
20th February 2016

Kwambie and the Wapenzis on middle childhood

Remember the Wapenzis? We have engaged them since last year when  they shared their dating  and post marital woes and learned quite a bit from them. As fate would have […]
14th February 2016

Kwambie throws some questions to her audience on Early Childhood Parenting.

This past week ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focused on Early Childhood Parenting that is the 0-5 years old age range  and it got  myself asking some questions allow me to ask […]
7th February 2016

Kwambie asks herself some tough questions…and asks herself whether she is cut out for Parenting

I am a  proud mother of a dashing and energetic boy nicknamed The Champ and this month when ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focuses on Parenting in a month dabbed #ChildrenareagiftfromGod, this […]
25th September 2015

Damn… this is why I had to let you go: A tribute to my once toxic friendship.

You lit  me up… the wall flower in the party. That was in 1995. You thought I had great style  but was too shy for the world to notice…so like  […]
20th September 2015

A detox to the workplace: The case of Uzima Enterprises, Nairobi

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with some  employees of Uzima Enterprises in Nairobi as they shared to me how they were able to detox […]
11th September 2015

One last word on toxic family relationships!

The feeling that parents are predisposed to unconditionally  love and protect their children is not entirely true. A toxic parent is one whose behavior to a great extent inflicts emotional […]
6th September 2015

‘True Love does not hurt all the time – on toxic romantic relationships’ a moment with The Wapenzis

This Sunday afternoon, Kwambie meets The Wapenzis  at a popular food joint in Nairobi, the  Nairobi Java  House in one of the upcoming shopping malls for a one on one […]
26th June 2015

‘Friends are precious, they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have’

‘Friends are precious , they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have.’ One of the greatest treasures in this world, is the gift of true friendship, […]