12th April 2021

Book Review: The Kickass Single Mom

A leisurely walk by the Nairobi CBD found me peering wistfully through the windows of a local bookshop at the Nairobi CBD, Prestige Bookshop, off Mama Ngina Street. I spied […]
20th October 2020

Learning, Working and doing business in a foreign country

Happy New Week everybody. This week we continue with our musings in the month long October 2020 dubbed, “I am a citizen of the world.”- living, loving and working in […]
30th September 2020

On creating a Business Plan

So a few years ago as a relationship manager in a local bank, many a time I would ask our clients seeking financing for a Business Plan that is a […]
28th September 2020

Turning your passion into a Business

After having known known how to discover our passions, our conversation on turning ones passion into a business continues this week. Mute the noise around youIf you have a passion, […]
10th September 2020

Turning your passion into a business: on finding your passion

Welcome to September 2020 which happens to be our focus on Entrepreneurship month in Wacha niKwambie blog, Kenya. This month we are guided by a popular quote attributed to one […]
28th March 2020
Triza Akuka and Liz Nyambane at the Leadership Circle Conference, 27th January 2020, Sankara Hotel, Nairobi

The Leadership Circle – Seminar, Mon 27 Jan 2020, The Sankara Hotel, Nairobi

I was blessed to attend a Leadership Seminar way back in January this year. My friend, Triza Akuka a leadership coach invited me under the auspices of the Leadership Circle. […]
3rd September 2019

How to remain inspired and motivated as an entrepreneur

The greatest motivation comes from inside. Self motivation that is. If you seek motivation from other people, your business partners, your employees, your clients, circumstances, if they fail you you […]
14th July 2019

A Tribute to a generation of awesome men

Like many other Kenyans, I never got to meet Bob Collymore personally in this lifetime, no fun selfies together, but in a very strange way I felt a flurry of […]
20th June 2019

25 is a good age to be: Entrepreneurship

The following conversation ensues at CJ’s with one Mamasita and Kwambie Nyambane. Mamasita: Hey big sis, good to see you. I see you are rocking that natural hair, looking good […]