25th May 2019

Mamasita and the job hunt

Job Hunting tips for the fresh graduate So I decided to move on with my life and make something of my life after my break up with Tim. Enough of […]
6th May 2019

Finances in the Forties

The forties ideally are the time for peak earnings and people are halfway through entering the work force and traditional retirement age. Making solid investments and saving for your retirement […]
19th February 2019

Wacha niKwambie talks to Interior Designer Nzisa Kioko

Home truly is where the heart is. A sanctuary, a place of love, rest and rejuvenation. Wacha niKwambie blog had the pleasure of interviewing Nzisa Kioko, a fledgling Interior Designer […]
27th September 2018

Wacha nikwambie ya Bizna: Interview with Beverly Mawia Entreprenuer August 2018

Who is Beverly Mawia? I am 22 Years old. Therefore, I feel like that is not a question that I can be able to answer adequately.  That I am still […]
3rd September 2018

The Spokes of the wheel called Entrepreneurship; Business Plan and Work Life Balance

Business Plan The Business Plan is a road map for a business. When an entrepreneur seeks partnership and collaborations with different organizations many will ask for the business plan to […]
29th August 2018

Wacha niKwambie ya Bizna: Interview with Thrity Engineer, Consultant and Coach August 2018

This past month of August 2018, the Wacha niKwambie blog focussed on Entrepreneurship. The blog had the privilege to interview Thrity Engineer of Thrity Engineer Consulting. I hope all readers […]
28th August 2018

The Spokes of the wheel called Entrepreneurship; Finances and Marketing

So you have turned your business idea into a reality, it is now a legally registered entity meeting all the statutory requirements. You have obtained the finances to start it. […]
20th August 2018

The Spokes of the wheel called Entrepreneurship; Doing business in Kenya

Welcome to Entrepreneurship month in this blog. You are in in the right page! According to the Cambridge English online dictionary, an Entrepreneur is defined as; “someone who starts their […]
28th May 2018

An interview with Wanjiru Catherine, CEO and Founder Saffara Limited, Kenya on Business and Leisure Travel

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine.   Elizabeth “Kwambie”Nyambane: Thank you Catherine for the opportunity to have a chat […]