24th October 2015

‘ I need you to cheer me on to complete the entrepreneurship race’: Focus on stakeholders to a business.

I am running the entrepreneurship race, I need you to cheer me on to finish the race. I will keep my end of the bargain dear employee and create an […]
16th October 2015

‘On my marks, get ready, set go’……. the race to start a business

I am revving, ready to start the race to begin my own business. I know I have the personal experience, talents, skill and knowledge to turn my dream into a […]
9th October 2015

Running My Own Gig – Do I have what it takes?

Do I have a firm belief in what I plan to offer the market? Yes. Do I dust myself and learn from my mistakes? Yes. Do I have a drive […]
30th March 2015

Financial Wellness a nutshell: Let it be said of me that my money works for me!

It all boils down to living within your means, saving and growing what you earn first and then spending the rest.   Many  of us grew up in homes where […]
23rd March 2015

Time to make your dream come true….musings from an entrepreneur.

Perhaps you have been dreaming of more free time, added income or just something more interesting than your job and you think that starting your own business is the way […]
13th March 2015

Setting financial goals and avoiding stumbling blocks – towards better financial health

Hope everyone had a lovely week. I truly did. Are we all keeping tab of our income and expenses this month? Great!!!!! Next thing we need to think about is […]
6th March 2015

Are you financially secure.. some hard questions we need to ask ourselves?

Is their too much of month left at the end of your money? Are you a spendthrift or a hoarder? Is money your best friend or sworn enemy? How does […]
9th January 2015

‘Quitting is for smokers’. Make a gameplan to achieving your goals

Hope everyone had a great week and even if you didn’t there are still several left in the year. So we all now have our goals in place..before I even […]
8th January 2015

If you do not know where you are going, any road will lead you there.

Happy New Year peeps! Take a moment to review your past year. What did you do right? Pat yourself on the back for it. Heck treat yourself for it. What […]