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16th March 2021

Of re(new)ed parenthood – of happiness in pregnancy

These are certain factors that will greatly affect your happiness state as a couple or as a single mother to be on a positive pregnancy test result. Was the pregnancy […]
11th March 2021

Of re(new)ed parenthood – pregnancy journey – check points

Checkpoint 1: First Trimester“Congratulations baby girl soon to be mama, you are pregnant!”A normal single human pregnancy is projected to last for forty weeks, multiple that is two or more […]
27th February 2021

Some red flags for dating single parents

I recently asked my friends to share their thoughts on what are some red flags that a single parent should look out for on a potential partner who might not […]
22nd February 2021

To New Beginnings – On children from previous relationships

With maturity comes the freedom to choose with whom you wish to begin a relationship with. This blog post dwells on the aspect of a potential partner who has a child or children from a previous relationship.
14th February 2021

To new beginnings – on budding love

This year the blog muses along with those in new and budding romantic relationships in a month long theme dubbed; To new beginnings
1st February 2021

To new beginnings

A Happy New Year in February!!! Someone once told me that it is never too late to wish someone a Happy New Year if you have not met. So a Happy New Year to you our dear readers and followers, we are excited to be back after a long holiday break to do what we love doing the most; creating wellness and inspirational content.
25th October 2020

On Intercultural romance

Someone once told me that you do not choose whom you fall in love, that it just happens. I could not agree more. This special person could be from a […]
22nd July 2020

Love, Intimacy & Sex in times of ‘Rona’ for the singleton

When I had a chat with some of my single friends and what they seek in a potential mate, these are some of the responses that I got. “A mutual […]
15th July 2020

Love, Intimacy & Sex in the times of ‘Rona for couples who do not live together

Your favourite lifestyle blog is together with you in this pandemic times, we are like a good relationship to our followers -through thick and thin we are together. This week […]