Love & Sex

13th March 2019

Lessons I learned from my Mother

We hope that March 2019 is going on well for all our readers from us at Wacha niKwambie blog, Kenya. This month I am musing on, “Lessons I learned from […]
25th February 2019

Keeping that Valentine feeling aglow

Long, after Valentine’s Day gone that that love remains strong… that is they type of romance most of us aspire for. What can couples do to stay connected, in love, […]
19th January 2019

How we can all give back

This past week has been a harrowing week in my country Kenya as we were the victims of a terrorist attack in a popular upmarket hotel and office suite in […]
14th July 2018

Operation PepeshaMoto 2018: Boosting Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence or confidence in life in general must come from within. Someone who is self confident does not seek validation from others. When you know your worth, you do […]
12th July 2018

Operation PepeshaMoto 2018: An introduction to Sexual Confidence & Factors that inhibit it

Every month of July, the “Wacha niKwambie” blog endeavours to journey with it is readers in matters of Sexual Wellness a very critical aspect of human health and well being […]
4th April 2018

Wacha niKwambie Blog announced as Nominee and Voting Opens for the 2018 BAKE Awards

Dear esteemed readers of Wacha niKwambie blog, Since 2012, the BAKE Awards has recognized and awarded exceptional Kenyan bloggers in different categories every year. It is organized by the Bloggers […]
17th June 2017

A Nugget on Sex & Intimacy

The Oxford online dictionary defines Intimacy as follows; 1. Close familiarity or friendship. e.g.‘the intimacy between a husband and wife’ 2. A cosy and private or relaxed atmosphere. e.g. ‘the […]
10th June 2017


Has your romantic relationship reached, ‘kuzoena’ phase in English – ‘;gotten used to each other’ phase where your partner does not arouse you or sex has even become a chore? […]
9th June 2017


Talk about dating manenoz…and this is one thing I have discovered in my many years of existence… Date yourself all means do not wait for another human being to […]