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Being true to my physical health: some questions that need honest answers.

This week we dwell a bit on Physical Wellness and body image. Allow me to ask  some body searching questions? Do you actively monitor your physical well being? When was the last time  you had a full body check up just for the sake? Are you taking an active control of your diet? Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? Are there recurring chronic/lifestyle diseases that your family is predisposed to

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I acknowledge that my body is made in the image of  God. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I am perfect with all my flaws; whether perceived or real. From this day, Friday, 16th January 2015, I (insert your name) pledge to nurture, keep and care for my body. I will endeavor to eat healthy, with a good mix of all the food groups. I will exercise more, run more,

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Musings from a first time half marathoner

I begin my greatest lesson this week from a half Marathon. There are several and don’t want to bore anyone stiff on Sunday. Last year at a time around this time I fiddled around with the idea of racing the Nairobi Marathon. I was at the peak of my fitness routine.Good Lawd my status updates at the time used to read five laps done, ten laps today. But I realized

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