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Public Speaking

So you are all set to enhance your Public Speaking skills. Awesome! Great Public Speaking skills can enhance your career and reputation, create opportunities and boost your self confidence. On the other hand poor public speaking skills can close doors of opportunity. Consider the following tips when improving your Public Speaking skills: 1. Plan appropriately Research, research and then research some more on the speech that you plan to give

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Today I want to delve into purpose and commitment. The two go hand in hand when it comes to defining leadership. One of the most interesting and thought provoking revelations about commitment to me, is that contrary to how we may imagine it, to be a remote and sometimes untenable attribute, it is indeed the most pervasive in our lives. Whatever we have in our existence around an area of

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More thoughts on Leadership with Andrew Amadi. Today, guest contributor Andrew steers the conversation to matters integrity. The word integrity is very closely connected with leadership. It has two meanings. We mostly associate with the first, which relates to honesty moral uprightness. The second meaning is derived from the Latin origin integritas whose root means intact, whole, complete. A bicycle with just one link missing from its chain may seem

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This month of March 2017, I am glad to be joined by my friend and Energy expert Andrew Amadi in a month dubbed ‘Úongozi Hodari na Akiba Haiozi’ March 2017 focus on Leadership and Retirement Planning. Leadership starts with self. We need to be leaders of ourselves. I honestly believe that we are all capable of leading. Indeed, we all do. This is perhaps the most challenging part. Getting past

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A few tips on Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication is in three levels: – What a leader says to himself or herself.This is normally dependent on one’s attitude and affects ones self esteem and confidence. – What a leader communicates on a one on one with other people. This is normally private communication. This calls for one to be prompt, direct, respectful and honest. – What a leader communicates to a group in public and is normally

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Leadership hurdles

Inspiring others. Developing their teams. Guiding change. Organizational politics. A male athlete jumping over hurdles Pressure to succeed. Leading former peers. Choosing appropriate leadership style. Continually improving oneself. Asking for help. Disciplining errant team members. Balancing expectations between juniors and superiors. Making rational judgements. Personality weaknesses and flaws. Unexpected changes  in the external environment.  What other Leadership challenges can you think of? © Kwambie Nyambane,March 2016.  Source of image:

A moment with Kiongozi Hodari …… Thoughts on Leadership

Kiongozi Hodari:  Hello Kwambie, I am excited to have a moment with the readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’  and share with them my learnings over the years on the traits of a good leader. Kwambie: Perhaps you could first begin by sharing with us the real definition of Leadership. Kiongozi Hodari:Kevin Cruse in his article ‘What is Leadership?’ begins by explaining clearly what Leadership is not. Leadership has nothing to

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Setbacks caused by Fear and how to conquer Fear

Sadly , Dr. Fear Not/ Akili Timau was not able to make it to ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio today as agreed to tackle the subject of ‘setbacks in life caused by fear’ and ‘tactics in conquering fear’ but he went the extra mile and prepared for us all short notes that we can use for our reference: Setbacks caused by fear: ü It causes one to live a life of

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Travel checklist and wishes for the holiday season…2015

Going on vacation? Here is a quick checklist! ü  Accommodation. The writer of this blog in Nairobi, Kenya. Happy Holidays 2015!! ü  Find out the weather conditions in my travels. ü  Airline requirements and hand luggage. ü  If driving, is the car in mint condition? ü  Clothes to wear. ü  Money. ü  Toiletries. ü  Insurance policies. ü  School homework. ü  Local culture and customs. ü  Medication. ü  Online checking and

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“My bathroom and kitchen, my pride – tips on pimping them up”

Modern themed kitchen with stainless steel appliances To pimp up ones  kitchen one may choose to focus on small changes, or make big changes or on the other hand go with incorporating a theme. Small changes include removing the clutter and bringing back order into ones kitchen, incorporating color into ones kitchen, adding fresh flowers into ones kitchen’s décor, using attractive fridge magnets, changing the curtains, table clothes, kitchen linen.

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