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Mr. Maneno Mabaya – where did he go wrong?

Dear Colleagues, YOU ARE HEREBY INVITED FOR A MEETING TO BE HELD AT THE RECEPTION  AT 6 PM, NEXT MONDAY TO DISCUSS MAY TARGETS, LATENESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!! For Management, Mr. Maneno Mabaya     And that is the last email that employees of Maneno Mabaya Enterprises received in their inboxes just before they broke for their Labour Day long weekend last Thursday. Mr. Manaeno Mabaya is a hard

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My friends, delay does not mean denial

A friend of mine is having her inlaws to be coming  to begin discussions. This is the first time a family has come to engage her. She is 43. People are murmuring she is old. The long rains came on 22nd March, this year. It is said they were delayed. My friends, delay does not mean denial. A look around you and it seems everyone has what you deserve except

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