Lessons I learned from my mother

From my mother I learned that some of the best memories in life do not entail high expense or glamour.
Some of the best memories in life are created by sharing a simple meal of ugali, sukuma wiki and maziwa mala in love.

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4th May 2017

Children’s Dietary Needs

Being a mother to one dashing boy nicknamed “The Champ” this topic of Childhood Nutrition is very close to my heart. As alluded to in an earlier post, the food […]
22nd April 2017

Family is not necessarily DNA – New Life Children’s Trust Kenya Open Day 2017

I knew I was up to something good when the sound of children’s laughter and merriment were within ear shot from the New Life Home Trust Kenya 2017 Open Day […]
22nd April 2017

Kwambie one on one with Mkamzee Mwerevu – Planning for Retirement

Today popular Wellness and Fitness enthusiast  Kwambie is humbled to meet with one Mkamzee Mwerevu in her two bedroomed cottage in a plush suburb of  Nairobi. Mkamzee Mwerevu for many […]
4th April 2017

Public Speaking

So you are all set to enhance your Public Speaking skills. Awesome! Great Public Speaking skills can enhance your career and reputation, create opportunities and boost your self confidence. On […]
18th March 2017

African skills gap: Why e-learning can close it!

Not a fun fact: There are 128 million school-aged children in sub-Sahara Africa; of these, 17 million children will never see a school. Here’s another: 37 million African children do […]
14th March 2017


Today I want to delve into purpose and commitment. The two go hand in hand when it comes to defining leadership. One of the most interesting and thought provoking revelations […]
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Senior business advisor 'by day', fledgling inspirational blogger 'by night' and wellness enthusiast championing healthy lifestyle choices

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7th February 2016

Kwambie asks herself some tough questions…and asks herself whether she is cut out for Parenting

I am a  proud mother of a dashing and energetic boy nicknamed The Champ and this month when ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focuses on Parenting in a month dabbed #ChildrenareagiftfromGod, this […]
30th January 2016

Setbacks caused by Fear and how to conquer Fear

Sadly , Dr. Fear Not/ Akili Timau was not able to make it to ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio today as agreed to tackle the subject of ‘setbacks in life caused […]
17th January 2016

“Nothing’s random. Even if it looks that way, it’s just because you don’t know the causes.” Kwambie and Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not on Causes and Symptoms of Fear

Last week Wacha niKwambie Uzima had the opportunity of meeting up with Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not right here within our studios where he gave us an introduction on the […]
8th January 2016

“Anything you want is on the other side of fear”: Kwambie with Dr. Akili Timamu/ Dr. Fear Not

Happy New Year, readers of Wacha niKwambie Uzima! Glad to have made it to the new year, with all its dreams, hopes and aspirations. Today, we are glad to have […]
30th December 2015

Safari Tunayo! – Wacha ni Kwambie Uzima Travels December 2015(Global destinations)

This December, the blog took a break from its monthly focus areas to visit different parts of the globe by e-travel, if you may call it. Behind our laptops, phones […]
11th December 2015

Travel checklist and wishes for the holiday season…2015

Going on vacation? Here is a quick checklist! Accommodation. Find out the weather conditions in my travels. Airline requirements and hand luggage. If driving, is the car in mint condition? […]
5th December 2015

“My bathroom and kitchen, my pride – tips on pimping them up”

To pimp up ones  kitchen one may choose to focus on small changes, or make big changes or on the other hand go with incorporating a theme.  Small changes include […]
5th December 2015

‘ Pimping up my living room – facts to consider when designing my living room’

Do Have  an organized living room. Consider your budget and financial resources.  Incorporate colour into ones living room. Consider the size of your living room and furniture. Consider different forms […]