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10th June 2017


Has your romantic relationship reached, ‘kuzoena’ phase in English – ‘;gotten used to each other’ phase where your partner does not arouse you or sex has even become a chore? […]
9th June 2017


Talk about dating manenoz…and this is one thing I have discovered in my many years of existence… Date yourself first..by all means do not wait for another human being to […]
7th June 2017


This month my beloved Wellness and Inspiration blog, "Wacha niKwambie" sojourns at Sexual Wellness. The month long journey will address Sexual Wellness in a two pronged approach; ''Latest Trends in […]
27th May 2017

Depression in pregnancy & postpartum

“Congratulations!” …That’s what so many of us hear or say when someone says they are expecting a baby. We are eager and excited to help plan projects; we offer advice […]
27th May 2017


Key Guidelines for children and adolescents Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity daily. Aerobic: Most of the 60 or more minutes a […]
23rd May 2017

An Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

On to my first post for this week John and Mary (not their real names) are well known to me. They have been married for 15 years (as I learnt […]
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Senior business advisor 'by day', fledgling inspirational blogger 'by night' and wellness enthusiast championing healthy lifestyle choices

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14th March 2016

I will be on top of my money by…..

1.  Earning money and using it in a meaningful way. 2. Changing my attitude to a positive attitude regarding money! 3. Going the  extra mile and working towards attainment of […]
4th March 2016

Two last words on Parenting

 On separation and divorce……… Separation and divorce have short and long term lasting effects on children. Many children will have a sense of loss, will fear being alone, may feel […]
27th February 2016

Children are a gift from God – Parenting Teenagers

Kwambie:Great to catch up with you in Embu County Dr. Toto and looking forward to your shared insights as a  renown paediatrician and parenting expert  in our great Republic; Kenya. […]
20th February 2016

Kwambie and the Wapenzis on middle childhood

Remember the Wapenzis? We have engaged them since last year when  they shared their dating  and post marital woes and learned quite a bit from them. As fate would have […]
14th February 2016

Kwambie throws some questions to her audience on Early Childhood Parenting.

This past week ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focused on Early Childhood Parenting that is the 0-5 years old age range  and it got  myself asking some questions allow me to ask […]
7th February 2016

Kwambie asks herself some tough questions…and asks herself whether she is cut out for Parenting

I am a  proud mother of a dashing and energetic boy nicknamed The Champ and this month when ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ focuses on Parenting in a month dabbed #ChildrenareagiftfromGod, this […]
30th January 2016

Setbacks caused by Fear and how to conquer Fear

Sadly , Dr. Fear Not/ Akili Timau was not able to make it to ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio today as agreed to tackle the subject of ‘setbacks in life caused […]
17th January 2016

“Nothing’s random. Even if it looks that way, it’s just because you don’t know the causes.” Kwambie and Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not on Causes and Symptoms of Fear

Last week Wacha niKwambie Uzima had the opportunity of meeting up with Dr. Akili Timamu/ Fear Not right here within our studios where he gave us an introduction on the […]