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If you do not know where you are going, any road will lead you there.

8th January 2015

Happy New Year peeps!

Take a moment to review your past year. What did you do right? Pat yourself on the back for it. Heck treat yourself for it. What could you have done better? Be honest to yourself.

Now go ahead and put it down in writing..Some people work best with one overall goal others would prefer to break it down into little chunks and pieces. What are your goals for 2015?

Remember if you do not know where you are going. Any road will lead you there

To set the ball rolling..we will be focusing on different themes each week. It could be what’s trending. For obvious reasons this week being the first week of the year we focus on setting goals.

Are your goals SMART?

Specific and to the letter. Eg increasing my networth is a noble goal but vague. But increasing my networth to KeS X by 31st December by increasing my income is more specific.

Are they Measurable? E.g. I am going to lose ten kgs of weight by December 31st this year.

Are they Attainable and Realistic ? Do you have the capacity to realize your goals. One main reason we fail is because we ape other people’s goals and not tailor make goals depending on our lives circumstances.

Do they have Time Limits e.g. by the end of this year my sidehustle will be making twice income that it is making now.

And be ambitious set one crazy, out of this world goal to push you out of your limits and comfort zone. For me it’s running a full marathon by the end of this year, all factors held constant. That’s insanity to me.

The goals could be in just about anything. It is after all your life. Nothing to be shy or embarassed about.Spiritual goals.Current or new relationships. Health and fitness. Beginning a new business. Improving a current business. Your physical appearance and wardrobe (can’t wait to reach this theme by the way). Going back to school. Finishing school. Travelling the world. Becoming a better parent. Improving your golf swing.The goals are as perse as humanity.

So as we all set our goals..they remain just that goals. Unless we execute them nothing much will change in our lives. We need a game plan to execute them.