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‘Quitting is for smokers’. Make a gameplan to achieving your goals

9th January 2015

Hope everyone had a great week and even if you didn’t there are still several left in the year.

So we all now have our goals in place..before I even continue note that you should be flexible about your goals.Circumstances may change in your life making them not SMART any more. Or you could achieve them faster than you anticipated making them irrelevant.

First thing first.Plan. Which I suppose is what we are doing now. Set timelines. Milestones towards achieving your goals. ‘By the end of the first three months of the year I should have lost at least three kilos.’ Mobilize all the resources you need to achieve your goals. It could be time, money, books, magazines, enrollment in a club or support book, special gear, resource people who have traveled the road you intend to embank on.

On mobilizing these resources it calls for sacrifice. For example a simpler lifestyle to enable the house that you are building, no weekday evening drinks but instead arriving home to help your child with the homework, weekend mornings at the library instead of the salon. Hope you get the drift…remember sacrifice is for a season, we reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Just realized I need to take some time this week take a walk to Kibra Laini Saba to fact find for one of my year’s goals.

And one more could I forget this great resource; a notebook, tablet basically something to help you jot down tit bits, eureka moments, pieces of information before they sink into the sea of forgotten ideas.(I understand women are very good at this).

Do you have an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals? Someone who has your best interests at heart and can push you to your limits?

As you make headway in achieving your goals, reward yourself for work accomplished. Key milestones achieved
Record them. My half marathon pics of last year, remind me that nothing is impossible especially when the going gets tough.

Never cease learning and putting into action new knowledge gained.

No man is an island. Bench mark yourself with other’s achievements but then again don’t lose yourself. You are one in a kind. No one has or will ever be you. So it is your race. Be better than the person you were yesterday. There will never be another Kwambie. Ever!

It’s never really that serious. Take time to rejuvenate and recharge yourself in healthy activities in order to achieve your goals.

And if at first you do not succeed. Wake up, dust yourself and keep on trying. Remember quitting is for smokers!

Commit your plans to our Maker. Be in tune with your Creator. He after holds your life’s blue print.

Any insights on what has made you achieve your past goals?

Have a goal achieving life