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Being true to my physical health: some questions that need honest answers.

This week we dwell a bit on Physical Wellness and body image.

Allow me to ask  some body searching questions?

Do you actively monitor your physical well being?
When was the last time  you had a full body check up just for the sake?
Are you taking an active control of your diet?
Do you live a sedentary lifestyle?
Are there recurring chronic/lifestyle diseases that your family is predisposed to e.g. diabetes, cancer, hypertension, mental illness e.g. depression? – Are you doing anything to prevent yourself from getting them?
Do you exercise?
When you look at current photos of yourself juxtaposed to those of the past, are you a bit wistful? Or do you prefer how u look now?
Are you confident in your own skin?
Do you love your body  warts  and all?
Are you constantly comparing your physical appearance to those of others?
How are your sleep habits?
And what about your reproductive health? Did you know that an active healthy sexual life is great for emotional and physical well being?
Do you accentuate your  strong body parts and dress down the flaws?
Do you have a budget allocation to body care and grooming products?
Did you know that make up when used well, can give you a professional image and cut, well over your plain face?
Do you dwell so much on your physical well being/ appearance at the risk of ignoring other elements of your life?

‘Too many questions Kwambie’.
‘Ni hayo tuu ‘machache’ kwa sasa basi’.

A lovely weekend to all.