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I am jealously guarding my soul

22nd January 2015
My affirmation of the week;
‘When God is involved, it does not matter the terrain of your journey. It will be safe’.
-Rev. Tobias Mboya Jairo
This new week our focus was on matters spiritual.
It has been said that human beings are spiritual creatures living a physical experience. Do you agree?
We are body, mind and soul.
From the Bible we are admonished to fear that which kills the soul more than that which kills the body.
My friends jealously guard your psychi, the inner man or woman.
The saddest tragedy in life is to be dead inside yet living and breathing outside.
This week we explored  different ways in which we can feed our spirits.
How do you define what is good or bad? What are your values? What do you believe in? What would you die on the battle field fighting for?
Do you have a code of conduct that defines your life or are you a robot worse still a wild animal that does anything at will?- Think about the recent teargassing incident by the policemen in Nairobi..that was ethically wrong. Clearly something is wrong with their spiritual wellness.
Do you take the time to pray,think, meditate and reflect about your life?
Spirituality is about living a life of meaning and purpose.
Do you know why you are here? Or are you just navigating life -watching it all happen and not taking charge of your own destiny.
Human beings belong to different religions. Belonging to a community of faith that inspires and motivates you to be a better human being, that gives you the faith to overcome life’s challenges is critical to spiritual wellness.
Do you appreciate art, music, enlightening plays, an enriching eating experience? These are good for our spiritual wellness.
Also have an open mind to new things, new ideas, different ways of doing things.
I write these in the wee hours of the ideal time to meditate and reflect. Schedule some ‘me time’ to meditate and reflect. Another reason I cherish my Sunday, early morning runs.
How are we all doing with our new year’s goals? – Absolutely delighted that my Wacha niKwambie Uzima is up and running.
On that note we take a one week break to pray,think,reflect and meditate on our lives. See you all in a week’s time
I wish you all a blessed weekend  ahead!
 Kwambie Nyambane,
 January 2015.