Love brewed in an African pot

6th February 2015

She was often lauded as the most desirable woman in the village. Twenty years after her marriage she still caused heads to turn. She was the envy of all the women. The men gave glowing tribute after tribute of her at the local watering hole. ‘Ratemo must be the luckiest man in Nyakemincha village to have married Moraa the daughter of Momanyi. Hey Ratemo..there would be no grey hair in my head if I had a wife as lovely as yours.’

Ratemo chuckled to himself, if only they knew, ‘It’s not in her beauty alone.. I married the wisest woman in the whole of Gusiiland. Indeed I am a lucky man.’

‘She fulfills my most important need if you know what I mean. Every night after my hard labour in the farm I find her always ready for me..if you know what I mean? She is always eager for me and makes me feel like the most desirable man this side of river Gucha.Hehehe.’

What attracted Ratemo to Moraa was her easy going nature. At the weekly village dance….. her suave moves and general cheerful disposition as the drum beats got louder made him so happy. She would feel his void and need for someone to help ease the general stress of life. It was hard times in Nyakemincha village, the rains had failed but with Moraa it was hard to tell. Her joyful nature was contagious even to the most sour faced old woman in the village.

Moraa though not an exceptional natural beauty, wore the most exquisite of beads. The hair color she chose was always unique and accentuated her honey coloured skin. Though she had borne Ratemo five sons, her buxom figure and cinched waistline made it hard for many to believe that she was the mother of many. She attributed this to the many trips she made to the river to fetch water and her love for fruits and green leafy vegetables. She was always impeccably clean. These efforts in her appearance easily made her very attractive and were the icing on the cake, considering her other admirable traits.

Moraa’s home was always clean, her children well taken care off. Many visitors reported a feeling of peace and tranquility in her home.

In his home, Ratemo felt the king. Any little conquest he made called for a small celebration in his homestead. Moraa always bragged to her friends about her super warrior. She always made sure she saved the choicest cut of the meat for him. She ensured she brewed for him the sweetest local banana beer. She chose the best ingredients, the choicest bananas for her husband, her pride, her man.

‘Mwanamke ni effort’, Moraa once quipped to me and ‘here is my trusted recipe for love brewed in the African pot.’

Take several cups of sensuality and sexual attractiveness, serve them lovingly this will ensure that your king is sexually fulfilled; which is his greatest need.

Add several gourds of recreational fun. This can be served at home, a village dance or anywhere your man likes to have fun. This will ease the tension and stress in your mate’s life.

Make sure you have several servings of the following- hairstyles that your man loves, makeup kits, sweet fragrances and oils, accessories, trendy clothes that accentuate your physical attributes. Never compromise on your hygiene and watch your weight. Every man in Gusii land , even to the four corners of the world loves an attractive partner.

Ensure that these ingredients are mixed consistently and always prepared in an environment of love. Serve them in a clean and peaceful home environment. Ensure that your meals are to the best of your ability. They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Always make sure that these are served in an atmosphere of respect and love.

If a man cannot be king anywhere he should at least be king in his home. Always praise him and show your admiration for him.

My daughter, that is why Ratemo keeps on asking me for more..if you know what I mean…hehehe.

A lovely weekend to all!

Kwambie Nyambane,

February 2015
Adapted from ‘His needs, Her needs’ by Willard F. Harley Jr,(2005)