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Setting financial goals and avoiding stumbling blocks – towards better financial health

13th March 2015
Hope everyone had a lovely week. I truly did.
Are we all keeping tab of our income and expenses this month? Great!!!!!
Next thing we need to think about is setting financial goals?
What do you plan to achieve financially in the short term, in the medium term and in the long term?
The short term could be within the period of one year.
The medium term two to five years.
In the long term; over five years.
Your financial goals are as unique as your DNA. Because no one quite shares the same financial position as you. No one quite makes the same income as you, no one has the same needs as you, your personality also affects your perception towards money matters.
Now these goals may be towards basic needs; food, shelter and clothing, security in emergency situations , investment and creation of wealth, old age, children’s education.
Now I challenge everyone to be true to themselves and write down their financial goals, what they hope to achieve this year, in the medium term and within the next five years.
As we think along the lines of setting financial goals.. I challenge everyone to set aside some time this weekend  and  create a monthly budget.
That is anticipated income and expenditure for a month.
As we set our goals let us be cognizant of stumbling blocks towards attainment of our financial freedom.
Many things act as stumbling blocks towards attainment of our financial freedom;
– comparing ourselves with others; you see, our financial position is not the same as that of our neighbour, why then should our goals be similar?
procrastination ; why do tomorrow, what we can do today. We will start with what we have NOW!! There is never going to be a better day.
conformity and equality; Kwambie calls it keeping up with the Joneses, Onyangos, Kamaus, call it what you may. Think outside the box. If the inventor of motor vehicles had  only thought of how to make horses ride faster, then our jalopies would just be  pipe dreams today.
– distractions;  let us keep our  eyes on the prize- ‘No you are not going to tempt us to buy another lovely suit on installments, we are saving for our dream home, stupid’.
– lack of confidence or belief in oneself; you think you do not deserve the best life, that the cream is only for a chosen few? And so it shall be with you.
– fear of failure; We have to try and try again. Common sense tells us that only a percentage of businesses succeed at the first try, we may burn our fingers in the stock exchange but guess what?  Until we see our names in the Forbes List of the world’s wealthiest, we will keep on trying.
– fear of rejection; surprisingly, there are those too scared to soar to great heights of financial freedom because of rejection by those who have been left groveling down.
Have  a financially  healthy weekend.
Kwambie Nyambane,
March 2015.