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My friends, delay does not mean denial

8th April 2015

A friend of mine is having her inlaws to be coming  to begin discussions. This is the first time a family has come to engage her. She is 43. People are murmuring she is old.

The long rains came on 22nd March, this year. It is said they were delayed.

My friends, delay does not mean denial. A look around you and it seems everyone has what you deserve except you yourself.

Keep at it my friend, ‘praying , keeping your faith, working hard, going to Kenyatta Market and having the best braids done, smelling good, bargaining for that beautiful kitenge, guarding your heart’ and one day what is yours will come right on time.
Tokeo la picha la delay does not mean denial
Rachel waited for several years to get a child..yet it is her son Joseph born after a long dry spell that changed the destiny of his family despite the other multitude of sons, Leah and the two concubines had borne Jacob.

Delay does not mean denial. God knows why, His timing is always the best. And even if I don’t get it, I trust my Creator who knows what’s best for me. Let us keep the faith.


Kwambie Nyambane,
April, 2015.