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‘My Kwambie Style’ …on how to build a great wardrobe (Part Two)

Interviewer: Hope you all had an awesome weekend and are eager to continue from where we stopped.So last Saturday we had a tete a tete with one Kwambie, who gave us a brief introduction on factors to consider when building a great wardrobe.
Today we carry on with the discussion. So over to you Kwambie.
Kwambie: Thank you, and I must compliment you on your outfit today. I love the way you have colour blocked your outfit which is all the rage now. So happy new week readers and let us proceed with our discussion from last week.

Just to recap, we mentioned that in order to build a great wardrobe, we have to be cognizant of our body shape, our social and professional lives, our age group, dress for occasion and I mentioned that my greatest ‘My Kwambie Style’ secret is to incorporate quality accessories into your wardrobe and develop your own personal style.

Interviewer: Precisely.

Kwambie: Once you imagine what image you wish to portray, the rubber hits the tarmac so to speak and we begin creating that look that we dream of. To develop your own personal style, have  a knack to know what is trending from lifestyle magazines. For ladies in East Africa, I endorse
True Love East Africa magazine’ that has been a source of great inspiration to me in matters fashion. Also have an eye in social and work occasions and look out for styles and trends that you can imitate, and don’t be afraid to keep on  trying until you get what works best for you. You will know what works best for you based on the compliments that you receive from friends, peers and people you interact with on a daily basis.

Interviewer: I couldn’t agree more Kwambie. Let me admit that I discovered this colour blocking rage in one of the local lifestyle magazines. Who would have known that purple and yellow would look so good together?

Kwambie: They sure do. Everyone has a budget to work with and  to live within. As I have mentioned in my Financial Wellness posts, cultivate a lifestyle that will not compromise your financial security and this applies to shopping of clothes  and accessories too. You do not have to rob a bank to look great. In building a great wardrobe work within your budget.

Let me fill you in on a little secret; learn to imitate trends from high end shops. Learn what is trending and imitate the same  from fairly priced stores or flea markets especially when it comes to clothes. Let sales and ‘priced to go’ sections be your best friends. And by this I mean genuine sales because I have discovered that there are stores that boast ‘For sale’ signs the whole year through and in reality there is no actual sale taking place.

However, for accessories such as handbags, jewellery,  and shoes; ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. Create networks of people who can supply you with  accessories at a  bargain but who do not compromise on quality. To create that ‘rich and classy’ look, you really do not have expend a sizeable chunk of your hard earned money.
Interviewer: What great insights Kwambie! Tell us more about the sources for  a great wardrobe?
Kwambie:To build a great wardrobe, you should beopen to a diversity of sources. Always budget to have some money set aside for those one off pieces that you know would not stumble across often and are difficult to find. This past weekend, I chanced upon a one off cotton semi official grey midi length skirt that was well within my budget and that I know could not be easily replicated elsewhere. For strictly official wear such as suits and tailored clothes, cultivate a relationship with a trusted supplier and cash in on genuine ‘For Sale’ seasons. Flea markets are a  great source for blouses, camisoles, leggings, scarves,casual wear where not a lot of money needs to be spent to look great. As I mentioned last week,  ‘Love thyself’ and sometimes reward and spoil thyself by buying  a lovely  item when you have accomplished something great.
Interviewer:Sometimes I feel like I have so many clothes, but yet lack anything to wear. Such a bad feeling it is. How can I get rid of this situation?

Kwambie:Wardrobe cleanse.

Interviewer: What do you mean Kwambie? – My clothes are always sparkling clean!

Kwambie: Sparkling clean your wardrobe may be but when was the last time you went  through your wardrobe and sorted out the jaded and faded items or clothes? – Cleansed it from pieces that you have  probably outgrown in terms of size and possibly style? If you have not worn or used an item in the past six months, it probably needs to exit your wardrobe. Do  not become a hoarder of stuff that  you do not use. Get your friends to come and pick stuff from what you have cleansed and then give away the rest. This ensures that your wardrobe is always fresh and that you have room to accommodate  new stuff. The same applies to shoes, handbags, belts and accessories. This is in tandem with a principle in life, ‘the hand that always gives receives so much more in return.’    

Interviewer: I see what you mean.

As we wind up,  Do not be caught up in impulse buying. That is the fastest way to end up with many unused items in your wardrobe. When I go to shop more often than not, I go out with an intention of what I need to buy to build up my wardrobe. If I do not get them, then I just leave empty handed. This however needs for one to cultivate self discipline. I only purchase items on impulse if they are ‘one hit wonders’ or those items that are absolutely difficult to get in the market.

Interviewer:Thank you once again Kwambie for taking the time to share your insights. On behalf of our readers, I am sure that  from this day henceforth they are not going to disappoint in matters wardrobe.
Kwambie:The pleasure has been all mine, but before we all go rushing home today to cleanse our wardrobes I really have to mention this. So many of us have master wardrobes by day yet in our intimate moments we do a one hundred and eight degree shift so to speak. To all the readers, invest in quality inner wear and night clothes. Let us not be the proverbial orange fruit that my grandmothers Nyaboke and Bosibori often told me about that gleams and  glistens on the outside but on the inside is full of worms. Grace and style should extend from within and to the  without.
Have  an awesome new week everybody and thank you for reading the article!!!

© Kwambie Nyambane,

April 2015.