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Akili ni nywele, kila mtu ana zake – A snapshot on symptoms of stress.

Do I have frequent emotional melt downs?
 Am I easily agitated?
Is my life spiraling out of control, do I feel like whatever I do or say does not matter anymore?
Have I ‘reclused’  to my own cave, avoiding close family and friends?
Do I feel inferior to others?
Has my self esteem been dented?
Am I constantly in worry mode?
Has it been a long time since I enjoyed peace of mind?
Is my mind always racing with thoughts?
Do I seem to forget stuff so easily these days?
Am I getting disorganized?
Am I making foolish decisions without much thought?
Am I suffering from ‘hapa na hapa’  syndrome, a myriad health problems that no laboratory can pinpoint the cause to? (headaches, aches and pains, upset stomach, etc?)
Have  I lost my sleep?
Am I sleeping too much?
Has my appetite for food increased or decreased drastically in recent days?
Am I running away from my day to day responsibilities?
Has my intake of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes increased in recent times?
Is my physical stance like one who is always on the edge; nail biting, pacing etc?
Has my appetite for sexual intimacy waned?
It follows that the more our answers to these mind  searching questions are to the affirmative, the higher our propensity to stress, doesn’t it?
Let us take some time and reflect.
Now that we know symptoms of stress, we move over to its causes.
A stressfree week is wished to all!

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