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What has Kwambie picked up about time along the way?

19th June 2015
There is a time and season for everything as the good Book says. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to be born and a time to die. Yes, I was once a baby, a little girl in pigtails, an adolescent groping through teenagehood, a young lady ready to take on the world up to until where I am now. Society places immense pressure on us to achieve milestones at certain times, at certain ages…but you know what ‘delay does not mean denial, what is yours will come perfectly on time.’
Time waits for neither man nor woman. Do today what you can today because tomorrow might very well be too late. Begin that business, take that course, plant that first seed in your shamba, pick up the paintbrush and make that one stroke, post that  first post in your blog, heck pick up the phone and  make amends, tell the people you care about that you really care and  hey, facebook posts don’t count.Hello pick  up the phone and make that phone call across the Atlantic to say. ‘I love you.’
Time is a healer.Yes, that first love that made you cry that made you soak up your blankets with sorrow and  tears. Yes, that moment that you wished the earth would just swallow you up, well guess what it’s ten years now and it don’t hurt no more. We got someone that loves us better and then some more and that cherishes u much, much more.. Traces of the scars and scabs remain but guess what, we don’t feel the  pain no more.
Time is money. What is the worth of my time? Every sentence, every word spoken, every story written, every presentation made, every meal cooked, every moment spent with a valued love one. What value would I attach to that in monetary value? In memories created?
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never be, we have the gift of today, that is why it is called the present. Last year’s beauty queen is exactly that, last year’s. Yesterday’s winner of the lottery may not be today’s. 2015’s whiz kid  just that, 2015. Look. at the past, learn from your accomplishments, failures, successes and fears but do not be fixated with the past, we have today to live.


There is no perfect moment. Come on, many of my greatest and happiest life’s memories have been in seemingly imperfect circumstances. Dancing in the rain, a random comment from a friend or colleague at an unexpected moment that made think twice, break out into a smile, that photo taken at the spur of the moment on a bad hair day but captures the spirit called ‘Kwambie’, the essence that is me. I am going to begin today with what I have.
My goals keep me in track of what I hope to achieve.I am not just sailing anywhere, I know where I want to be. I am the captain of my ship, I determine my own fate. I am not going to play the blame game on someone else for a life that is mine to live. I am going to chart the map of my destiny and by God’s help, I will reach my destination. With focus and determination I am going to achieve it.

I don’t know about your life; about the distractionsyou face on a daily basis that rob your off your precious time – it could be that naysayer of a friend, it could  be the ‘noise’ from digital information overload that makes you lose sight of your own purpose as you compare your life with others, it could be the joy of doing things that are enjoyable but are not necessarily urgent or important in helping you achieve  your life’s purpose. I am going to live and breathe the moment, exhale in the stillness of time, declutter my life off them distractions. I am gonna get me a schedule and a to do list, I am gonna shun lateness and begin all my meetings on time. I am gonna  take breaks when the going gets  tough and I weary, I am gonna stop pretending I am busy. I am going to prioritize and do what matters most to me first.

I am going to sharpen my saw during my free time, I am going to breath and unwind. Heck, I am going to keep on writing and reading if that is what makes me happy, I am gonna run me more half marathons, I am going to run and dance in the rain with my almost four year old – catch us if you can, I am going to let my hair loose and get back my mojo, reflect and unwind, clear my mind and maybe one day these random musings will be bound into something  great, just maybe.

A lovely weekend to all, if you meet me in some forlorn highway with my hair blowing in the wind, windows rolled down, and a little boy in tow, kindly honk and say ‘Hello’.

This blogpost is dedicated to my son; ‘Babu’ aka the ‘Champ’, you have a lifetime to live son, may you use your time well. With loads of love from ‘Mama’.

An awesome weekend to all.



Kwambie Nyambane,

June, 2015.