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‘Friends are precious, they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have’

‘Friends are precious , they are the best of all gifts that one can ever have.’

One of the greatest treasures in this world, is the gift of true friendship, people who genuinely care for you and have your best interests at heart. No man or woman is an island, otherwise we each would have been put in our own little universes, to thrive in free from any other person. I am a sum total of all my friends; whether past or present and I cannot  ignore the fact that many have shaped the direction of my life. Perhaps even opening doors for me that I otherwise would not have been able to open on my own. My earliest memory of friendship was one Musyoka, whom I pledged allegiance to when I was around four years old. He was my first friend and was always  such great fun when their family visited our home. We would hide in the nook and cranny of our little home and derived a lot of joy when we heard our parents calling out our names for us to go home, and the mystery of them trying to discover us hidden somewhere with our childish  giggles, giving us away.

Nothing material can take the place of the comradeship between you and I,

Friendship is that treasure that money cannot buy. Yet it is the gift that keeps on giving in return, it thrives on mutual interests. How many times has a friend lifted you  up when you were feeling down? How many times has a friend recognized your  achievements and made you feel proud even when you did not think much of them? Many of us would testify that the jobs we hold are referrals from our friends, our romantic partners the efforts of a friend who played Cupid and introduced us to the love of our life. Through our friends  we are inspired to be better every day and we have a pad to cushion our landing when the going gets tough or when we fall from grace to grass.

Genuine friendship has no jealousy nor pride, it has no envy and no lies.
It has no room for loneliness and pain.
Because it’s all based on love, based on loooooove.

A real friend, sees beyond your imperfection and loves you as you are. A real friend is there through all your life’s stages. My greatest friend has seen me transition from my youth, through young adulthood and is someone I can count on to hold my hand up to until the last wrinkle and grey hair. My greatest memory with her is walking with her every Friday evening pimping up our wardrobes with great finds we would get from the hawkers, outside Kenya Cinema and complimenting each other on how hot we looked tthereafter.

We live in a digital age and one can never underestimate the power of  friendship of their online friends. With very post, status update, photo shared, friendship has crossed time and geographical barriers. I have been able to connect with seemingly ‘lost’ friends and been able to connect with new ones. However, though this will never replace the realness of a hug, smile or cup of coffee shared it is one step in bringing us together and is a great treasure too.

Thanks to my friends, I have been brought back to earth oft  a time, when sometimes it seemed I was crossing the boundary regarding a matter or two. I admit that I am human and will err or make a mistake. But with the power of genuine friends, I like a phoenix rise through the ashes, dust myself and carry on with the race called my life.

Really this gift of friendship cannot be quantified, through my friends I have tapped into the network called ‘friends of friends’, and for this I am grateful.

It is not always rosy and indeed friends  have been the greatest source of hurt and pain and the cause of many a tear. The greater the love, the greater the potential to cause great  pain. But that will not stop me from the quest of this great treasure. I am going to use the opportunity to socialize and gain new friends, embrace their diversity for that is what enriches my life.

Because the gift of friendship is that which enriches our lives; it boosts our mood, reduces stress, alleviates depression, boosts memory and intellectual performance and reduces the chances of potential life threatening diseases induced by stress.

To all my friends, past, ,present or future, young or old, tall or short, slender or plump, sporty or couch potatoes, black or white or in between, beyond all divides; ethnic, social, geographical, I value  your input in my life. Thank you for making the ride all the more enjoyable, looking forward to the years ahead of fulfilling interaction.

One love, have an awesome weekend and peace!

© Kwambie Nyambane,

June, 2015.

Disclaimer: All names have been  changed, and circumstances slightly distorted to protect the privacy of people alluded to. Part reference has been made to the Alliance Girls High School, Kenya school song